‘Angry Birds friends’ for iOS now available to Download Free


The phenomenon of the Angry Birds is simply amazing. The game has won the hearts of millions of people around the world. Rovio, the developer of the title, has managed very well the pull and throughout the years has released different versions of the game. Angry Birds Friends is the new title of the popular Angry Birds series that so far, have achieved nearly 2 billion downloads across all platforms where it is available and a net profit of $ 71 million in income between games and merchandising.

If it was possible to confront your friends on the online game Angry Birds Friends playing on Facebook via a computer, it is now possible to do on your iOS device. Recently, Rovio launched one of the latest versions of the game, Angry Birds Friends, for iOS devices iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Play to get trophies of gold, silver and bronze.


Angry Birds Friends, the next installment in the Angry Birds series is now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The game play of the new version is more or less unchanged that you know from Angry Birds. The bad thing is that Angry Birds Friends require mandatory use of a Facebook account to play from an iPad, iPhone. The game is designed for social interaction, players can create avatars of birds, gift items to other players or challenge friends in the game. In addition, the title includes many other features to enhance the user experience, for example, in-app purchases to move faster and easily overcome any opponent. Most important thing is that you can challenge and compete against your Facebook friends.

The new Angry Birds friends from Rovio Ltd. is heavily social oriented meaning that your score will be tracked compare against your facebook friends. The good thing is that this feature supports multiple platform. So users from Android, iOS or other platform can compete simultaneously.  To play the game you must need a Facebook account and internet connection on your iPhone and iPad.

Download Angry Birds friends for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from the widget below.

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