Apple’s free app of the week: Angry Birds Star Wars is the free app of the week


One of the most popular games from Rovio in various mobile OS platforms, Angry Birds Star Wars is now available for download this week free of charge on iOS devices as Apple’s free app of the week. So you can now download the Angry Birds Star Wars free for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone, iPad

Angry Birds Star Wars is perhaps the most complete of all the Angry Birds saga. Keeping the gameplay that led to stardom, Angry Birds takes the theme of The Wars, customizing the birds as the protagonists of the epic saga. They mix styles of play of all editions and it is added all the iconography of The Wars. Through over 100 levels of play, passing from Tatooine to the Death Star, the enemies are presenting increasingly difficult, always faithful to the series of films.

Angry Birds Star Wars is a game based on the same platform as the Angry Birds original but interestingly engrossed in a world where we have to kill all the pigs that populate the galaxy.

This new version has a total of 100 levels full of rebel spies who are responsible for the disappearance of the secret plans of the structure housing the ultimate weapon. Our mission here is to recover these planes for which we use our lightsaber and pigs face countless adventures that we still have to know. We will also have other weapons and special powers that will be of great use in getting carry out our mission.


In Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone, Angry Birds characters become characters in the saga of George Lucas. The birds will be Luke, Leia, R2D2, Han Solo or Cheewaka, among others, while pigs will take roles such as desert raiders, Darth Vader or Imperial troops.

The game is available in separate versions for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad. Enjoy the free iPhone app of the week and make sure yours now! To download it, just follow the links below. Remember that is only free for a limited time, so grab the free Angry Birds Star Wars before time runs out.

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