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One very good thing about Apple Appstore is that every week Apple give away an app for Free as Apple’s Free App of the Week which was a paid app. The selected app then become available free to download for a week.

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This week’s Free App

Every week Apple chooses an application or game for iOS and offers to users of the App Store for free, as your ” Free iOS App of the week”. This week’s free app of the week in the App Store is Pivvot. Pivvot is a strategy game in which you must make decisions very quickly. It’s a geometric runner game that followed the same principal of Hot Wire. In the game you will have the task of making shortcuts and strategic to avoid the obstacles you encounter. Obviously, as you progress your difficulty level will increase, so you have to exercise your instincts and skills to solve problems. Download Pivvot free for iphone, iPad before become paid again and save $2.99.

In Pivvot for iPhone, iPad you control a small ball, which is anchored at a fixed distance to the line. Connected to this first ball shall find another larger, we can move left and right, causing it to rotate on the fulcrum, represented by the ball of smaller dimensions. Tap the right or left of the screen you can move the ball in the fixed radius, or counterclockwise. Our goal is to make sure the second bigger ball on a “journey” safe, avoiding all the dangers and obstacles along the way. The gameplay has been reversed, as it travels along a fixed route, and one must avoid various obstacles and over again.

Recent Apps from Apple’s Free App of the Week

Cut The Rope for iPadCut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a fun puzzle game for iOS where you have to cut a series of ropes and other tools used to feed candy to a cute green creature. Cut the Rope has just gone free for the very first time, so you can download the game for free for a week, either version for iPhone / iPod Touch and the iPad. Cut The Rope is a highly addictive game with 375 levels divided into 15 different boxes, where you have to cut the ropes and play with physics to get a piece of candy to your cute, green amphibious friend Om Nom. Cut the Rope is one of the most addicting games on the Appstore. Its graphical section also is exquisite.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel still has the same essence as its predecessor, we will continue to get eat the candy, but this time there will be physical objects and make our task more difficult. In this version, you have to feed the two little characters instead of one. Cut the Rope: Time Travel for iPhone, iPad and iPod is now on sale for a limited time. If you liked the first part of the game, you can not miss this new release, and you will find more and better. Follow the links below to grab it from Apple Store before the offer ends.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is a fighter jet simulator game set in the Second World War in which you can fly a fighter plane. In this fine game you can fight in different battles that took place in World War II with a fighter plane. You will conduct missions that take place in locations as important as Pearl Harbor, The Dover Coast, Midway, France, Germany … will take off and land at tracks located in different areas. Also you can customize your aircraft with weapons that you like.

You can play campaign mode or online multiplayer against other players around the world. In multiplayer mode you can enjoy games on the network as Survival, Last Man Standing, Free Flight, Free for All, Team Battle, Capture the Flag and New Assault. The graphics quality of the game is really good but the weather changes and the dynamics of clouds are even better.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders for iPad, iPhone is an absolutely spectacular game you can enjoy on your iOS device.

Simply follow the link below to get Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders iPhone game for free from App Store

Angry Birds Space

This week’s promotional app in the App Store is Angry Birds Space, developed by Rovio, for both iPhone and iPad. Download the game before become paid again and save € 0.89 for the iPhone version and € 2.69 for the HD version of the iPad.

As you all know, Angry Birds Space has 60 levels, new characters and familiar rules, but with “the unique aspects in an environment of varying severity. Hunting is open! After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, Angry Birds pursue the in a wormhole and find themselves in a strange new weightless galaxy … surrounded by space pigs! Luckily the Angry Birds also have more than one trick up their bags.

Available in the App Store a year, Angry Birds Space managed to raise tens of millions of users worldwide. As the name indicates, in this game, the action takes place in outer space, where the famous angry birds must destroy the pigs and their evil empire. Of course, unlike other versions of the series, Angry Birds Seasons is a different story, “battles” between birds and pigs behaving on different planets in the galaxy. Gameplay elements are also different from other versions of Angry Birds, now appearing planets have a gravitational field that alters the trajectory launched new birds. Do not forget that all the characters of the game received various modifications and accessories that allow them to adapt to the space environment.

Angry Birds Space is available in the App Store as two applications, one specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, and iPad special one. Are you a fan of Angry Birds? Then go for it without delay on the App Store for free download Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds Space: iPhone version

[appstore id=”499511971″]

Angry Birds Space: iPad version

[appstore id=”501968250″]

Bee Leader

In “Bee Leader” you try as a bee to collect as much honey as possible before dark. In each level you have to reach a prescribed amount to unlock more levels. Various obstacles and enemies while it is skillfully dodge.

[appstore id=”480886220″]

Hope you’d enjoyed Downloading paid iOS app for free. Check back again soon, whenever a paid iOS app becomes available as Free App of the Week we will update this page.