How to backup and restore Apple Watch (SmartWatch)


Do you want to restore your Apple Watch? Here is our step by step guide on how to backup and restore Apple Watch.

How to backup and restore Apple Watch Having a backup is very important, because if you lose your Apple Watch, crash or simply have to restore to factory state for any reason, you can recover all data (photos, contacts, calendars files, etc, etc …). Furthermore, if you buy a new device, this process can serve to configure fast as the old and have all the data you had stored in the old. Here’s how to backup and restore smart watch from Apple, with a quick and easy guide.
Guide Automatic Backup
1. You don’t need to do anything extra, because the apps and setting of Apple Watch, being synchronized with the iPhone, will store automatically on iCloud or Computer, when you carry out your normal routine backups.
Backup User Guide
1. There is no specific option to force the backup of Apple Watch, but by removing the synchronization with the iPhone, will be carried out in an automatic backup at the next synchronization.
Help Restore from Backup
1. Remove the synchronization between iPhone and Apple Watch.
2. Turn Apple Watch, and follow the guidelines to resynchronize your iPhone.
3. Once re-synchronized with each other, the app Apple Watch will allow you to choose whether to set the product as a new device or if you just bring up.
4. Select restore from backup and your iPhone will bring back all the content previously saved on your Apple Watch.
That’s all, with these simple steps you can easily make a backup of your smart watch and have available on your computer to restore in case there is any type of disaster.
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