5 Best Free iOS equalizer apps for iPhone & iPad to get the best sound

LAST UPDATED: July 5, 2016

Are you looking for a good equalizer app to enhance the sound of your iPhone or iPad? Here are the best iOS Equalizer apps for Free on the App Store.

Best Free iOS equalizer apps for iPhone & iPad

Don’t like the sound on your iPhone or iPad? Do you need to improve the sound quality or would love to change the sound mode depending on your personal taste? Then you should try installing some sound processing application to improve the quality of sound with an equalizer for iOS.
On App Store, there are applications available that can help you control the various level of audio frequency on iOS devices. But what are the best equalizer app for iOS? Here you have 5 of the best free equalizer app currently available on the iTunes Store.

Let’s checkout the top free equalizer app for iPhone & iPad that can significantly improve the sound of your iOS device.

Bongiovi DPS

A free application that is conspicuous by its quality in improving the sound quality of your iOS device. It employs a digital signal processing in real time capable of optimizing the sound of your speakers or headphones.

Denon Audio

Denon Audio is one of the best equalizers for iOS from those available on the App Store. You can shape your music according to a particular style, your mood or the acoustic environment in which you find yourself right from your iOS. The app offers different customizations through numerous audio EQ. The application itself has a player that can play all the music stored on your device. You can even create playlists and access to TuneIn, internet radio service.

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SmartEQ is a good iPhone equalizer app that, specifically, was created to fill a small “lack” of iOS: the inability to equalize the songs manually. The operation of the app is very simple and also compatible with Airplay. The app supports a 10-band equalizer (32Hz – 16 KHz) and allows the creation of personal preset. You can assign presets to individual songs, albums, artists and genres. The interface is very accurate in every detail.

Visual Player

Visual Player is a music player for iPhone with equalizer and display. It features a three-band equalizer that can be customized. Very easy to use.

Equalizer + (Music Player and amplifier volume)

Equalizer Plus is a music player for the iPhone that improves the sound of your music. It has a 5-band equalizer and also amplifier bass option included. You can adjust the sound quality to your liking or select one of the 10 profiles.

That was our selection, but maybe some of you are using some other equalizer app for iPhone or iPad with satisfaction. Let us know what other sound processing apps you are using that deserve to be included in the list! Have a nice day.