The best extensions for Safari browser on iOS 8 FREE


If you have an Apple device running the OS version iOS 8, then take a look at some of the best extensions for Safari browser on iOS 8. With these extensions you can improve the browsing experience, speed up some operations or enrich those standards.

One of the main new features that Apple introduced with iOS 8 is the extension or the interactions of third-party applications with the applications and functions stock on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Extensions can greatly enrich the experience of use of many of the functions and app in Mobile Safari.
best extensions for safari ios 8 Certainly the browsing experience offered by the Safari browser for iOS is much more fluid and packed with features, but if you need a few more options now you can get it through extensions for Safari. Since the notion of extensions in iOS is something completely new, though, you might be a bit doubtful about what to look for. To help you, we list a selection of some of the most popular extensions for Mobile Safari on iOS 8 that you can start to download into your device free.

iOS 8: 8 best extensions to surf with Safari.

To add the extensions in Safari, you only have to do tap on the center button, which is the classic icon of sharing. This will open a panel divided into two sections where in the second line you can see all the extensions you download from the App Store.

Awesome screenshot for Safari

It is an awesome Safari extension for iOS device owners, allowing you to make a screen shot of the site that you are browsing. You can capture the entire screen even if does not appear in full in your screen.


This extension will automatically recognize the font of the page you are browsing. It is very useful for web designers and webmasters.

Bing Search

The translator of Microsoft that allows you to translate web pages with a single tap.

Mail to Self

With this extension, you can send the content of a page to yourself via email with the touch of a single button. This is a simple extension but absolutely a must-have if you wish to email links to yourself.


One of the most comfortable extensions that allows you to save your password and insert them quickly and automatically in the various services you use, all very safely. You can recall your passwords at any time.


With this extension, you can store all the web pages that interest you and read them at a later time. Very useful.


With this extension you can transform into a Pin all the sites that interest you and bring them on your wall.

In this way, you can keep even more control of your voyages and keep everything on tap! Each of the extensions is useful in its own way and given that all are free not have spend anything to improve the native capabilities of your browser. Let us know in the comments what you think. Have a good day.