Top Free Farming games for iPhone and iPad

LAST UPDATED: February 4, 2016

A selection of the best free farming games for iPhone & iPad to let you experience (virtually) the real life of a farmer.

Top free farming games for iphone and iPad

Farming games are those that reproduce (virtually) the various activities that a farmer do in real life. In these free games, dedicated to the world of agriculture, you have to take care of things from harvesting crops to selling the products to customers and more. Nothing can beat the love some we have for farm games. A game which will take you to green lands, to plough fruits, raise animals and get coins, from kids to adult everybody loves these clash free amusements. We collect the best games of Farm and Cultivation that will make you spend enough hours of fun with your iPhone or iPad. Farm games that always kept the iOS champs addictive, here are the best farming games on iOS devices.

The best iOS farming games available at no cost on app store.

Family Farm Seaside (FREE)

If you ever wanted to run a farm, now you can. Family Farm Seaside is a good farm simulator, in which you will have to create a farm from scratch and invite your friends to it. Throughout the game, you will gradually build and improve the farm, grow new varieties of crops and do everything to get the best farm in the world. The game is very exciting, and executed in modern graphics. Will appeal to all fans of the genre. You may invite your friends and add them as your farming neighbors.

Tiny Farm: Season3 (FREE)

Seasons, individual rewards, breeding barns and exclusive functions made this game more enslaving. Enter the Secret Valley to meet the new animals. You can play Tiny Farm in different languages.

Hay Day (FREE)

Hay Day is a game where you can experience life in the countryside, full of activities and entertainment to grips with your virtual farm to customize and manage. Grow your crops and sell your products to your neighbors and friends.

Farm Story (FREE)

Farm Story is one of the most popular farm games in the App Store. Let’s start to grow fruits, raise farm animals, and decorate the most amazing farms. It includes free updates with new fruits, decorations, animals, and more every week.

Farmville 2 (FREE)

Farmville 2 is the sequel to the popular game on Facebook where renovate the old family farm, a game entirely in three-dimensional! Improve and develop your farm by growing various vegetables and fruits. Play with friends or no friends, a new anonymous: Facebook connection is not required. Join the farmers’ union to trade and share the goods; embarks on a farm adventure and find rare items. You can play the game online or offline.

Farm Story 2 (FREE)

Explore a beautiful 3D world to harvest crops, raise happy animals and discover exciting surprises in this game. Farm Story 2 is a simple but very entertaining game, designed with good graphics and perfect for those players looking for a hobby with which throw the dead hours.

Top farm (FREE)

Top Farm is another good game of farming with great graphics and stunning features. The game allows you to create your farm and manage it in the best way to cultivate it and taking care of animals. You’ll have to manage the crops, animals, buildings and other elements included in the game.

Horse Haven (FREE)

If you like horses and country life, you will surely like this free game. You can manage a cool ranch in the United States of America, along with a horse farm in France and make an international haven for horses. Each new area you unlock it comes with its unique set of buildings, crops, decorations and exotic breeds of horses to collect. Raise many horses and compete in fun challenges.

Zombie Farm 2 (FREE)

Instead of destroying zombies, Zombie Farm 2 for iPhone offers you to create your farm to cultivate zombies. Zombie Farm is a simple and fun game to enjoy on your iPhone and iPad.
If you like to play farming games on your iPhone or iPad, you can not go without playing any games just show on top. Every game has its unique story and game mechanics; sure you spend a good time playing with each one. Download them free and share your experience with other users through the comment section.

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So, in succinct these are the best farm games for iOS game lovers according to my understanding. Feel free to share your thoughts.