Best free iPhone and iPad apps this week


It’s time for our weekly roundup of newly arrived and notably best free applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Here, we cover best and most importantly free apps and games. Let’s see the list below and discover the best IOS games and apps released this week on the App Store.



If you like to make music intuitively on your iPhone or iPad but you don’t know even a single note, probably you will do it with Musyc. Musyc for iPhone is a newly arrived multitouch generative music app at Apple store for your iPhone and ipad. In MUSYC, no piano or partitions, but a space where you can draw musical forms. Just draw shapes on your iPhone’s screen and listen to your piece of music. The app is very easy and comfortable to use. The basic version is complete enough, but the real addicts can get the full version through in app purchases ($3.99) for better satisfaction.

[appstore id=”489836689″ style=”custombox3″]

Adobe Kuler


Adobe Kuler is a new Adobe app for iPhone for graphic designers, developers and other artists. The mission of Kuler is relatively simple: determine a color or color palette from an image with the ability to share everything. The app allows you to easily capture a color chart with two cameras of the iPhone. You just have to aim for a place where the colors are nice to know their code.

[appstore id=”632313714″ style=”custombox3″]

Dots: A game about connecting


Dots is a small pretty easy game for your iPhone and iPad device. The gameplay is very simple: a grid of colored “points” appears on the screen, simply connect two dots of the same color to make them disappear. The goal is to remove as many points in 60 seconds. It is possible to buy “boost” to pass the levels more easily. You can also share your scores with friends on social networks Twitter and Facebook.

[appstore id=”632285588″ style=”custombox3″]

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD


Objection, your honor! Defend the innocent and let the truth. You will play the character of a junior lawyer in this game where he must prove the innocence of his clients and strength of evidence against -examination. Play the game for free and save your innocent client.

[appstore id=”365681816″ style=”custombox3″]



This utility will help you plan your tasks in all your activities of your day so you do not forget anything. The app aims to help users accomplish their everyday projects such as read more books, exercise more, learn a foreign language and many more. The idea here is to use the community to encourage the user to achieve his goals.

[appstore id=”593471217″ style=”custombox3″]

Recordium – Highlight & Annotate Voice Recordings


Recordium lets you to record interviews, lectures and live performances. You’ll quickly find the important fragments back. You can also create notes, tags and photos linked to certain excerpts from the recording. Recordium might be very useful for students, musicians, interviewers and anyone who ever should include something.

[appstore id=”637494062″ style=”custombox3″]

Started to download these apps already? Let us know below which you enjoy most.