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LAST UPDATED: August 9, 2015

Best Music Player for iPhone for the best music listening experience on an iOS device.

Love to listen to music on the go? Looking for the best music player for iPhone with great quality? Here are some of the best iPhone music player apps for managing, organizing, and listening to your favorite tunes no matter where you are!

It is impossible to imagine the world without music. It is everywhere – in movies, on television, in stores, on the streets … and, of course, on your smartphones. Your iPhone is perfect for this as it is capable of delivering great audio! Here we make a list of the best music app for iOS, and of course, all of them are free to download. Stay tuned!

Groove Music Player

best music player for iPhone

The Groove is a music player app for iPhone that allows you to listen to your favorite music. Groove is a step forward in terms of opportunities to enjoy your music in different ways and with many more possibilities. Groove is able to study and learn from your listening habits to create a variety of mixtures, becoming your personal DJ. Noteworthy among other options, the option to use smart gestures when you go in the car to handle the player, share your favorite songs through Twitter and Facebook, and the option to organize your music through labels. It is simple, fast and very effective, so it’s really a great music player to consider.

Beat – Music player

best music player for iPhone

Beat Music Player is one of the best iPhone music players for listening to music. Here you can find many themes that you can change to make your players something more personal and colorful. You can put pause by double tapping on the screen. You can control music playback through gestures to change song or music album. Change the volume by sliding your finger across the screen.

Listen: The Gesture Music Player

music player for iphone

An application based entirely on gestures to take control of it. The application allows you, among other things, handle by simple gestures without having to pay attention and just under a nice, minimalistic interface. If you seek a minimalist and simple player, this is appropriate. You can switch to the next or previous track, pause, share what you are listening through social networks or raise and lower the volume.

Toones Music Player

Toones Music Player is an audio player that makes it easy to control your music using gestures. Toones Music Player is a nice alternative if you find the native iOS music app to be kind of awkward to use. The app can do everything you are ever likely to need to control audio playback.

This collection certainly does not reflect the interests of all users of iPhone. But broadly represents all the features of a best music player app for iPhone. What is your best music player for iPhone? Tell us in the comments.