How to configure a VPN on iPhone and iPad


Before activating the VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, you need to configure the connection settings. Today we will show you how to configure a VPN on iPhone.

How to connect to a VPN with iPhone? What is VPN? VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are virtual networks configured to transfer, in a safe manner, information that travels over the public network. A VPN is encrypted, so it’s safe, and once connected is just like being physically in the other network. This type of service can be used freely by any user, whether private or public, via their smartphone.
Although a connection through a VPN network is useful in a desktop or laptop, it is even more on an iPod, iPhone or iPad as they are more likely to be used in public networks. In this guide, you will find all the necessary information on how to configure a VPN on iOS.
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Method to configure VPN service on iPhone:

The first thing to do is go to: Settings -> General -> Network -> VPN
Select “Add VPN Configuration”.
how to configure a vpn on iphone You have come to the important part of the configuration. First you have to select the type of VPN to which you will connect and then the data connection. In order to successfully connect to your VPN need:
Description: It has to be a name that allows us to recognize the connection. Useful if you have more than one configuration.
Server: Server address of the VPN (DNS or IP address).
Account: Username.
Password: You do not need explanation.
Encryption: You can choose the level of encryption strength.
Send all traffic: If you want all your traffic is redirected through the VPN. Ideal when you connect from public places, so all your data traveling encrypted and will go abroad from the server to the VPN.
Proxy Settings: Proxy network, if one exists.
Enter the credentials for the VPN connection and keep the settings by pressing the save button and return to the previous screen. Your selected settings will now appear and appear new switch just below the corresponding switch to Wi-Fi so that you can activate the VPN quickly. Finally, to activate the VPN you’ll just turn the switch.
As you are connected to the VPN you will see the corresponding icon next to the icon of coverage Wi-Fi or 3G, so you know at all times that you are navigating through a secure environment.
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