How To Copy Music From iPhone To Apple Watch And Use It As Standalone iPod


Do you want to copy music from iPhone to Apple Watch, and always have your favorite songs in your wrist? Here’s how to make quick and easy!

Do you have an Apple Watch, and want to use it as a new-age iPod without even bring along your iPhone? You can do it with these simple and quick tips on how to put music from your iPhone, directly within Apple Watch.
How To Copy Music From iPhone To Apple Watch Apple Watch allows you to listen to your entire music library you have on your iPhone and for this you don’t need to copy to copy the tracks over to the Watch itself. But you can also listen to music directly from your SmartWatch without having your iPhone around. And you can easily do that.

Guide to copy music to Apple Watch from iPhone, easy steps.

Head to the app Apple Watch, inside your iPhone, you will find in versions up to 8.2.
Now go to the Music section, found in the main screen of the Settings of the app.
Activate the function, and decide what should be the space occupied on Apple Watch, to devote to your favorite playlists, up to a maximum of 2 GB.
Now you just need to go to the ‘Synced Playlist’ section and select the name of your “Folder”, or the type of genre, songs etc.
Now you can just go on the Music app, found in the HomeScreen of your Apple Watch, to use your Playlist, listening to your favorite tunes.
We remind you that you can create playlists from iTunes on your Mac or PC, then syncing them to your iPhone, or create them directly from the iPhone, via the Music app useful.
How to create a playlist in iTunes?
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