iOS tutorial: How to create a playlist in iTunes


You can easily create a playlist in iTunes. If you do not know how, read the following article carefully.

Besides serving as the App Store for downloading and installing applications on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) devices, iTunes conceals a number of potential often underestimated by the users. It can manage files of various types: from music to film, from the same e-book app. In our today’s tips and tutorials for iOS, we will see how to create a playlist in iTunes in order to use them on all your devices from Apple, whether iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
how to create a playlist in itunes If you want to automatically play a number of songs from your library in iTunes and not have to be playing them one by one, you can create playlists.

How to create playlist directly from iTunes

To create a list, follow these steps:

Open iTunes and tap in rapid succession on the menu “File”, then “New” and “Playlist”.
Press the button with the sign + in the lower left corner. Then enter a name for the list in the box on the “Playlists” section, for example, “favorite songs”. You can still rename it later.
To add songs to the list, tap on the “Music” entry under “Library”. Then select all the songs you want to place in a particular list and drag the mouse to it.
Once you have completed the above process, go to your device in iTunes and go to the ‘Music’ section of the main menu, then, tap on the little square of ‘Sync music’.
Select the ‘playlists, artists, albums and genres’ option and tap on the playlist you’ve created to synchronize your music.
Tap on ‘Apply’ button to end the process and wait until your device has finished performing synchronization.
That’s all. If you love good music and you own an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now you can create custom playlists and easily pick your favorite songs via iTunes library.
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