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Although the primary function of the cat Tom is the cat voice repeat the words you say, Talking Tom Cat 2 is also a fun virtual pet who reacts to what you do. You can hit him in the face, pull his tail or hit in the stomach to hear him complain.

Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat is one of the best and most downloaded iPhone app in the market. There’s nothing to say about Tom Cat. But for those who don’t know the details about the app, Talking Tom Cat, a fun application for your iOS device, is a virtual pet that lives in the mobile and repeats your words with his voice feline. Besides an accent feline, Talking Tom Cat is a real pet. You can feed him, pet him or do rage, the most fun. Talking Tom Cat 2 is the second part of this well-known game of Tom. As in the first part, Talking Tom Cat 2 has a green eyed cat who repeats everything he hears, but this time in his own luxurious apartment. In this version, Tom has a curious neighbor, the dog Ben who will do everything to upset Tom, with his farts and jokes.

Talking Tom Cat 2 iPhone app

In Talking Tom Cat 2 for iPhone and iPad, you can tap Ben, feed, or even bother to phone him: your reactions are fun and a great way to surprise your friends. Talking Tom Cat 2 allows you to record videos of what you do with the cat, so that you can then share it with your friends on Youtube or Facebook.

Watch the video of the Application Talking Tom Cat 2 for iPhone and iPad

Furthermore, this latest version of cat comes with a variety of reactions. Not forgetting to adjust the violence.


  • Sympathetic character
  • Good voice recognition
  • Violence Sets


  • Little real utility

The application is developed by Out Fit 7 Ltd.

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