How to export contacts from iPhone to PC without iTunes


Leran how to export contacts from iPhone to PC without iTunes.

It is known to everyone that contacts synchronization by iTunes and iCloud is performed and automatically saved in Apple’s remote servers. But in case you need to export contacts from iPhone to PC manually, it is preferable to use a program that can be downloaded from the App Store of Apple. One of the best apps in this field is SA Contacts – Export/Import Contacts to/from Excel.
export contacts from iPhone to pc without itunes SA Contacts for iPhone is an application that gives you the possibility to export your iPhone contacts to PC. It allows you to export up to a maximum of 150 contacts and all the photos that you have included in your address book; in this way it gives you the possibility to transfer all via email, USB cable or via WiFi. If you want to export a larger number of contacts will have to purchase the full version at the price of $2.39. In the next steps we will see how to use it.

Export your iPhone contacts to PC without iTunes.

The first thing to do is connect to Apple App Store and download the free app SA Contacts Lite (Download Link) on your iPhone.
Install the app on your iPhone.
Tap on the start button, and the app will start the export of the first 150 contacts in your address book. The operation takes a few seconds, and you will get a notice of request for saving contacts.
With the USB button, connect the cable from iPhone to PC, and Contacts are transferred without any problem of the App iTunes. Select the item concerning the name of the handset, from the sidebar and tap on the tab of the iPhone App. This will open a new screen, tap on the icon Contacts SA Contacts, under the heading: “Sharing”. Select the zip archive and save the file to your PC by tapping on “Save”. At this point the list of your friends in the address book and the photos are transported on the computer. This process is carried out also with the function of iTunes via WiFi.
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