Top FREE iOS Games of the Week for iPhone, iPad & iPod


A list of the best free iOS games to download this week.

There are tons of games in the Appstore and the amount is growing. Every week new games are arriving in the Appstore. Most of them would not cost you a dime but it’s hard to find the good ones without wasting time and data. Here, we do the job for you. Here are some newly arrived best free games for Apple’s iOS devices we chose as Top FREE iOS Games of the Week.

You should check out the best free iOS games list below and download them right away. (FREE) is a fun game in which you and the other players turn into small cells. The goal is to capture the smallest and avoid being swallowed. As the matches take place online, the title borrows some concepts of MMO, so you can challenge opponents individually and in teams. While the goal may seem simple, you must need a good strategy to avoid unwanted encounters and capture the smaller spheres.

Siegefall (FREE)

8.7Siegefall is a strategy game designed to leave the default “Clash” to which many people are already fed up. Command a varied army with a very powerful hero. The game stands out for its use of cards that can summon dragons, hail and even heal your troops. In Siegefall, the player may conflict against characters controlled by the game, or against other players. Just like any mobile game strategy, the highlight is the online multiplayer mode.

Nono Islands (FREE)

8.6Nono Island is a runner game for iOS in which you will have to find all the hidden treasures and survive all the challenges that await you in the islands. Unlike the other games in the genre, this is not fast, you have to move by pressing the square in front of one of the characters, of course, avoiding any obstacles that arise along the way. A fun game, totally free, that will bring out the Indiana Jones you have inside.

Magic Duels (FREE)

7.5Magic Duels is a free game for the fans of card games. Magic Duels offers an experience of unlimited free play and hundreds of unlockable card, various multiplayer modes and regular updates of content that reflect the latest collections of Magic: The Gathering. Challenge your friends or other opponents from all over the world to see who is the best.

Rumble City (FREE)

7.2City Rumble is a board game inspired by the world of American gang 1960, which disputed parts of the city and fought the most varied reasons. You are the leader of a once mighty group and respect, but that is now in decline. Now, it’s up to you to retrieve all the glory of the past and end up with its main rival, the staff of Jesters gang. This game brings special powers and requires a good deal of skill so that you can evolve!

Jetpack Joust (FREE)

6.8Gambling with this retro look game, you’ll need a lot of skill to climb as much as possible and shoot down all enemies. Do not get distracted for a moment, as there are many obstacles that can cause you to have to start all over again. The look of this game is all retro and you can have fun for hours with this fun casual gaming!

That’s all for this week. We will be back with a new list next week to suggest you more best free games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Happy gaming! If you already played these new free games on your iPhone, iPad then let us know in the comments what you think.