Heroes of Order & Chaos, online game for iPhone or iPad


Gameloft launches Heroes of Order & Chaos, online game for iOS devices.

Heroes of Order & Chaos

Gameloft has released its latest project ‘Heroes of Order & Chaos’, a game to play online with other players from your iPhone or iPad. ‘Heroes of Order & Chaos’ is the first game that was released for the iPhone 5 and that belongs to the MOBA genre. In this free, action-packed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, your mission is to form a team with your friends or join an existing one and create a clan online which can link several members of the group in the fight against various enemies. You can choose your character from more than 30 heroes, some of which you can use throughout your career in Order & Chaos. As you gain experience, your character will be able to improve your skills and destructive power. You can fight solo or in multiplayer mode with two types of maps (3v3 or 5v5) to choose from. You will face other groups of heroes in multiplayer mode as there will be other groups like you and your friends.

It is important to measure the power of the adversary before facing him or otherwise, you may fall during the fight. There are two types of maps (3v3 or 5v5) so it is important to know them well to develop strategies to dominate the computer to finish Haradon kingdom. You can also complete solo missions from anywhere without having to rely on a data connection.

Heroes of Order & Chaos

Graphics quality of Heroes of Order & Chaos is about the average visual quality offered by other games company. Although it does not use any graphics engine like NOVA 3 or Unreal Engine 3 but there are some effects that animate the visual roost, especially if we have a device with Retina Display. The free game for your iPhone and iPad comes with a good sound quality. Gameloft is known for offering a variety of effects that are seamlessly integrated into the battle.

So, make a team of heroes online with your friends and try to defeat other teams in this free, thrilling, addictive and fast-paced game. Download Heroes of Order & Chaos FREE from the widget below.

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