7 tricks to save battery on iPhone 6


Today we give you some tips on how to save energy and consequently increase the battery life of your iPhone. Let’s see them now.

One of the biggest worries and at the same time one of the greatest desires of every smartphone user is related to the possibility of extending the battery life of your smartphone without having to resort to supplementary charges.
how to save battery on iphone 6 Now let’s see together how we tackled the problem over time and above all, focusing on the iPhone 6, we see what can be considered as 7 simple tricks that can help in keeping your iPhone charged at all times. Enjoy the reading.

How to save battery on iphone 6?

Depending on how they are configured, a few features may decrease your iPhone battery. Following the advice which you will find below will help increase battery life of your beloved device.
1. Identify the programs that consume more
Apple has added a new tool in iOS 8 which gives a percentage breakdown of programs that use more power. To find them go to Settings> General> Usage> Battery use. At this point you can close applications that consume more and / or you need less.
2. Disable the update app in the background
Just as with iOS 7, the latest version of Apple’s software it comes with the update app in the background set to “on”. The feature lets you run applications in the background while you are multitasking and continuously refreshes the contents. Turn it OFF. To do this, go to Settings> General> Update app in the background and put it in off.
3. Remove notifications
Notifications are very comfortable. You can easily get email, news and more without opening the apps. But this function consumes a lot of battery. In IOS 8, you can access the center and decide which notifications should be off and which to leave. Just pull down the top of the screen, choose which widgets to keep and which to stop.
4. Turn off 3G, 4G and WIFI
Now we come to one of the most classic advice and less followed, to turn off the 3G / 4G when you are not using your iPhone 6. The data connection is undoubtedly a major source of energy consumption for the battery of your new iPhone. It is highly recommended to disconnect the 4G over and over during the day when you don’t need it.
Pay attention also to disable the Wi-Fi when you are not in areas where you can find one considering.
5. Stop the “collapse movement”
Animated backgrounds and the so-called parallax of icons and notifications are big consumers of battery. To turn off the first just go to settings> backgrounds; to disable the so-called parallax of icons and notifications, go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Reduce movement> and put it in off.
6. Close the application that will localize
Location based services that take account of your position to give you more accurate information, consume more battery power. We advise you to close all those that are not essential. To disable location services completely go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and select one for those that are essential and those that you can do without. You will reveal a number of apps that are stealing the battery life.
7. Lower the brightness of the screen
It is obvious but not all: most the screen of your phone “shines”. Learn how to control it. Go to Settings> Brightness & Wallpaper and turn off auto-brightness and decreased brightness manually until you see well.
Try it and you’ll find these seven simple tricks enough to increase by almost 30% the battery life of your phone.