How to reset an iPhone or iPad in which the physical buttons do not work


Learn how to reset an iPhone or iPad in which the physical buttons do not work. Simple and easy tips to reset your iOS device without using the power button

One of the most common complaints of iPhone users are the problems with the physical buttons, especially the Home button and the Power button, which can not work with relative ease. It can be a real problem because often need off and on to fix many errors and bugs that appears on your iOS device. Than what can we do to restart the iPhone? To help you, if your device’s physical buttons do not work, in this article we will explain two simple methods with which you are able to restart any iOS (iPhone and iPad) device even though you have the damaged physical buttons, which can be very useful in case you need to perform a reset of the terminal before using the Apple warranty.
How to reset an iPhone or iPad in which the physical buttons do not work

Resetting an iPhone or iPad with damaged physical buttons

Method 1: Reboot iPhone by activating the bold text

  1. Follow these steps below to reset your iOS device without using physical buttons or if the physical buttons spoiled:
  2. Open the Settings application and access the section “General”.
  3. Then go to the section “Accessibility” and there you can see the option called “Bold text”. Tap on the button next to “Bold text”.
  4. Pressing this button a popup will show up with a message saying: “Applying this setting will restart your device.” Press the “Continue” button and you will have achieved your terminal restart without making use of the physical buttons.

The great thing about using this trick to reboot your iPhone or iPad device is that you won’t lose any network settings or customizations.

Method 2: Restart the iPhone by dumping Wireless Settings

If the above method has not worked for you, follow the following steps to reset your ddevice:

  1. Access the Settings application and then enter on the section “General”.
  2. And then enter the section “Reset.”
  3. Locate the option “Reset Network Settings” and select it, a pop will appear with this text: “This will delete all network settings” Press the button “Reset” and the gadget itself should be restarted automatically, without having to use any of the hardware buttons.

Of course, this second method has a downside: when performing this procedure will be eliminating our network settings, so that means things like Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth connections, and VPN details, so be ready for that and jot down any complex logins or details beforehand.

These two procedures should serve as temporary satisfaction at the time of having problems with the physical buttons on your iPhone or iPad. Also browse our iOS Tips section for more tips and tutorials on iOS. Thank you for being stay with us.