How to share the internet connection from an iPhone


If you have an iPhone and want to share your data connection with another device (iPad, laptop, tablet …) to connect to internet with the data rate of your iPhone just follow these simple steps.

Do you know that you can turn your iPhone into a modem? If you use an iPhone with data plan, you can use this connection for browsing internet on any computer. This will save you from trouble if you need immediate connection to these devices and do not have an available and secure WiFi network. This is also known as “Using the iPhone as a modem.”
How to share the internet connection from an iPhone In this tutorial we will explain thoroughly how to share the internet connection from an iPhone. Let’s take a look at both the wireless sharing of data as to the traditional way of using a cable.

How to share the internet connection from an iPhone

For this you must have a 3G or 4G internet data connection available in your iPhone because it is the only connection that you can share with other devices. Then follow the steps listed below.
Step One: Enter the application settings of your iPhone.
Step Two: Once inside, tap the option “Internet Sharing “.
Step Three: A new screen will appear where you will see that the first available option is accompanied by a hover button and a message such as: “Active Internet Sharing” to share the Internet connection of your iPhone. Activate this option by pressing the button on white.
Step Four: From here you have several options to share the internet connection of your iPhone with another device.

  • If you want to connect via a USB cable, you must first connect the cable to the phone and the computer you want to add to your connection. Once connected, activate the option above. The cable connection is highly recommended to connect- for example, a laptop, allowing you to charge the phone while you use the data rate.
  • The other option is to share the internet connection using WiFi. To activate this connection WiFi from the device, look for the name of your iPhone and activate the connection by entering the password. If you want to change the password just have to tap on the option “Password Wi-Fi” on mobile and then insert the new password.
  • You also have the ability to connect to Internet via Bluetooth, in which case you want to link the device to connect to your phone. Of the three options, this proves to be the least desirable of all because it generates high battery consumption.

Do not forget to turn off “Share internet” as soon as you have stopped using the service as this will consume more battery power than normal

What if the option “share internet” has disappeared?

Sometimes, when you upgrade or change version of iOS, the iPhone removes the option “share internet” but do not worry because it can be fixed in just a moment. To fix this problem: Go to Settings -> General -> Network -> Network and mobile data at the end of the options press on “Reset settings” to reconfigure the connection from scratch. Then restart the phone and reconfigure the connection following the steps above. If still your iPhone resists, then restarts appear again and see the “Internet Sharing”.
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