How to unzip files on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


Have you ever wondered how to open zip files on iPhone and iPad? iZip is a free app for iOS that allows you to open files compressed in ZIP and RAR.

If you are a Windows user, is certainly used to ZIP files, this format used to compress one or more files. It is very popular for sharing text documents, photos and videos over the internet.
iDevices recognizes numerous formats such as images (JPG, PNG and GIF), AVI and MP4 videos, MP3 audio but does not have native support for .zip files and other formats generated by packers. So you have to rely on third-party solutions and iZip – Zip Unzip is one of the best solutions you can find at the Apples App Store. This will allow you to view the contents of any ZIP file quickly, and decompress the file and can save content locally or open the decompressed file in another application of your choice. Details after the break.
how to unzip files on iphone

How to decompress and extract files on iPhone or iPad?

IZIP is a file manager with which it is very easy to extract the files to a ZIP archive and also to create to be sent via email. The application also supports RAR files and is therefore quite comprehensive in its functions.
1. The first thing you have to do is download the application iZip through App Store (Download Link).
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2. Now that you downloaded and installed the app, just run it so you can open the .zip/compressed files. It basically works as a file manager.
3. The system proposes to use a program with “Open with”. Among the options available also appears, whose icon is a folder with a zipper closure.
4. Once transferred the zipped file to the app, this recognizes the type of file and automatically extracts the content.
5. The files contained in the ZIP or RAR files will be listed in the central part of the app, ready to be viewed. iZip also opens compressed archives that are password protected.
From now you can extract all the attachments from Gmail that have the ZIP format, and download other content in this format are available on the websites you visit.
By following this tutorial, you will have an interesting alternative to send files from PC to iPhone without having to resort to USB cable, you have the possibility of generating small files that can contain photos, videos, text documents and other files.