20 best applications to discover your new iPhone, iPad

So you got a new iPhone or iPad and you don’t quite know which apps to spoil it with? Here are twenty essential applications to download in order to fully enjoy your new iPhone, iPad device and, especially, to get a glimpse of what you can do with the Apple tablet. This is the basic selection of 20 essential applications to use when you want to be a worthy iPhone iPad owner.

This list will help you get started with some of the best and most essential apps so you can enjoy your iPhone or iPad to the fullest!


Dropbox for iPhone, iPad

Dropbox allows you to manage and carry your files wherever you are. It allows you to wirelessly synchronize and view your documents on iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC anywhere. You just need to install the application on your computer. Once the operation is done, the files are almost immediately available on your iPhone or iPad.

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Evernote for iPhone, iPad

Evernote is one of the most essential apps for your new iPhone or iPad. If you want to take all kinds of notes including written, voice and photo, then you can rely on Evernote without any doubt.

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The application includes all the features you would expect, including: video conferencing, instant messaging, phone calls and quick access to your contacts without any problems! We can say that Skype is a multi-platform application to all IOS users.

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Viber for iPhone, iPad

Viber is another good app to keep connect witj your friends and family. It allows you to make free calls and send SMS between iPhone owners.

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Reading books on your iPad is comfortable due to the size of the screen. Is not it? You will find your ebooks, documents and have the opportunity to buy the iBook Store. iBooks allows you to download a digital book and then read directly on your device screen.

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Amazon offers an impressive digital library and the best way to enjoy it is to use their Kindle app. The Kindle app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch gives you the ability to read Kindle books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and PDF files.

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facebook for iphone

Facebook has developed an excellent application for iPhone / iPad. If you have an account on Facebook, then you must have this installed on your Apple tablet application. This app allows you to connect to the account of the social network.

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Twitter for iphone

Follow your passions, receive updates from your friends, your favorite celebrities, experts in your interests, and everything that happens in the world with the official Twitter app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Find my friends

Find my Friends for iPhone

‘Find my friends’ allows you to easily spot your friends and family members from your iPhone or iPad. To get there, it will be well heard necessary to send a query to your contact for know where it is located. Upon acceptance of your contact, you can locate the position thereof on a map and this, through the application.

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Taking the minimalist design of the PC version, and its speed, Google Chrome mobile version is now available on most of its key functions, such as the Omnibox, tabbed browsing, browsing in private mode, synchronization words passwords and favorites on different devices, etc.. With Chrome Mobile You can synchronize directly all your favorites, browsing history and passwords that stored on your computer if you already use as your browser.

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Dolphin Browser


Free, fast and ergonomic Dolphin is one of the best browsers available on the iPhone and iPad. It is much better than Safari (more responsive and fast) and offers several interesting features. Management tab is excellent and allows you to navigate between pages easily.

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Gmail – email from Google


If you use Gmail as your email client, go for the new Gmail app for iPhone / iPad. Google has added some new features in the new version of the application. This new version of the application offers you the best Gmail: real-time notifications, Client Access and search functionality in the inbox.

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Ebay for iPhone, iPad

The eBay application for iPhone, iPad allows you to search, of bid, to buy, browse and pay objects and much more all from the palm of your hand. With the functionality of easy scrolling, advanced search and high resolution photos, use eBay has never been also attractive. Side functionality, the new eBay application for iPad offers search results with three modes of possible displays, well as new notifications, for follow of manner most caring the auction proceedings on one or several products that you have online of sight.

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There’s nothing to say about Youtube. It is number one choice for almost everyone. This is a must have app for your iPhone and iPad.

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Soundhound is currently the fastest way to find a piece of music application! Just close your micro pregnant and the software does the rest. The latest hits to more intimate pieces, SoundHound is able to find a lot of things.

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Shazam is a music application to identify music, even those heard in cafes and shops. Run the application when you listen to a song whatsoever and within seconds Shazam will give you the title of the album and the artist.

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This application is very popular in the Photography category. Instagram is the best in its field. It allows you to apply some really cool filters to your images and share them later on your favorite social networks.

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Tunein Radio

Tunein Radio

Making the choice between 50,000 radios, Sounds good is not it? Tunein Radio is the flagship application of the world of radio. With Tunein Radio you can choose to listen to a local radio or if you wish, a foreign radio.

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OPlayer Lite

OPlayer Lite - free video and music media player for iPhone/iPod

OPlayer Lite for iPhone and iPod Touch is one of the best multimedia players present on the Apple Store. With OPlayer Lite you can play directly your video files  (most of all movie file formats) on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Without having to convert them first, you can just transfer them via iTunes or via the module “Transfer via WiFi.”

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Designed by Microsoft PhotoSynth is a tool for aggregating multiple photos in one view, to make panoramas or simulate a wide angle.

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