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Today we’ll show some of the best anti-theft apps for iPhone and iPad devices. All these are completely free and will help you to find a lost or stolen iPhone or iPad.

Best free anti theft apps for iPhone and iPad Over the years, Apple has gained an excellent reputation for safety. Although iOS is pretty safe, there are many applications that helps you cover some small ‘flaws’ and gives a number of additional features to protect your device in case of theft or loss, or to save and securely manage files and personal data. Today we are featuring some of the most useful security applications available in the App Store that will help you to protect your device in case of loss or theft. Of course, all of them are free to download from the official Apple’s App Store. Let’s start.

Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti Theft is a great iPhone anti-theft app with an excellent reputation, especially prized for its strength. With this free service, you can geolocate up to 3 device with one single account, takes pictures, sounds an alarm, displays a customizable message on the phone screen (useful if you have lost your smartphone and it finds a person not malicious) and collects information of the network to when the phone connects to a precise location.


This app uses geolocation to find and pinpoint your lost or stolen device. But that’s not the only way we can help. It also allows you to activate a loud sound as an alarm when there is fear for the fate of your smartphone.

Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone allows you to track the location of your device. The application is a lifeline for users who hope to find their lost or stolen device, or who wish to delete any personal information contained in the mobile. If you lose your iPhone, you can track it via GPS and subscription data using this address from any browser, also of course from your computer; as well as locate it, you can bring up a screen message, make it sound or completely erase data remotely.


LOOKOUT is another free app that helps you find your lost iPhone or iPad. The app allows you to save your contacts, manage the device via the Internet and, more importantly, to locate the device. The application has an interesting feature – Signal Fire – whereby Lookout automatically saves your last location when you realize that the phone starts to discharge.

Google Authenticator

To prevent theft of your email account you can always dip into the double check Google. Simply activate and install Google Authenticator. The application generates a code that you enter with your password every time you want to access your email account. A little pain but very reliable. It also allows you to set a different password for each application.
If you know more applications for the platform, enter a comment and join the discussion! Thank you for reading.

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