Best apps to watch and download videos on iPhone

A selection of the best free apps to watch and download videos on iPhone and iPad.

The Internet is full of videos, fun, educational or dramatic; you can watch using your mobile phone. However, as we always have the Internet wherever we go, it is better to have a tool installed on your device that helps you download videos on your iPhone and iPad devices.
Video Downloader, best app to download videos on iPhone Your iPhone and iPad devices allow, among other things, play videos and access video contents by streaming, especially YouTube, both from a browser or a dedicated application. While on the net you can find and watch hours and hours of high quality recordings as long as you’re connected via WiFi, because the videos are precisely the things that consume data, so it is very comfortable to be able to download the videos. In these cases, having a tool to download videos is very useful because it lets you save videos for offline access. To help you, today we will focus on apps for iPhone to download multimedia content.

Best free apps to download videos on your iOS device.

Video Downloader

The Video downloader is an application that allows you to download contents from almost any site that plays video online on the iPhone and iPad, whether it’s any left pirate site or Youtube or Vimeo. Save videos from the Internet is very easy: All you need is to go to the page with the desired video and poke at it. The app will offer to download the video. If you wish, you can download several video files, pause download and completely cancel the download. The app supports almost all video formats and m3u8 format for streaming live.

Video Downloader Lite Super

Video Downloader Lite Super allows you to download videos from YouTube and other services directly on your iPhone. The idea is that you are able to watch your favorite films without having to be connected to the internet. All this can be done in just three simple steps: searching the internet video, select the video you want to download and tap download. The app supports all major video formats used on smartphones like MP4, MOV, and M4V. The Video Download Lite Super also supports download in M3U8 format for streaming live. Another interesting feature of the software is the ability to create playlists with videos, plus there are options to search, a list of favorite sites and even share the files on iTunes.

The best apps to play videos on your iOS device.

Best Video Downloader (FREE)

With this beautifully designed app, you can download videos from various sources for free and save them in various formats, such as FLV, MP4 or MKV, and more for free. Best Video Downloader app for iPhone offers unlimited downloads, no paid features. The app supports major websites and major video formats. Best Video Downloader also supports download in M3U8 format for streaming live and true background download even when the app is closed.

YouVids: YouTube Client for iOS6

YouVids is designed to search for videos on YouTube and view it. The application also allows you to download unlimited videos for offline playback. Search Engine lets you search for video programs, channels and playlists using a set of filters on the length of the roller and upload date. YouVids supports background playback. It also allows you to filter content by category “Most Popular”, evaluate videos and share them with other users on Facebook and Twitter.

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Do you know any other apps to watch and download videos on iOS? Let us know your thought and experience through the comments section. The idea is to complete this article with the help of our beloved readers. Thank you.

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