Best business card reader app for iPhone in 2015 free

Tired of losing business cards? Here’s a selection of the best business card reader app for iPhone. With these card reader apps, your iPhone and iPad can do the heavy lifting.

That pile of cards in your office is growing and it is totally impossible to carry them wherever you go, right? And there is no way of knowing in advance which one you will need. The solution to this is to scan the business cards of your customers and partners, and access them anywhere, anytime, through your smartphone or tablet.
best business card reader app for iphone 2015 Thankfully, there are several handy applications already exist in the App Store. These applications let you shoot the card with the camera of your phone and then scan, organize and store the available data. In this way, you can always carry them easily wherever you go.
To facilitate your choice, we tested some of the options available and prepared the list of the top iPhone business card reader apps for scanning business cards on the go.

Top free iPhone applications to scan your business cards.


The ScanBizCards is one of the most popular iPhone business card reader apps you can download for free. It allows you to keep all your business cards in one place to keep track of all your contacts. You can also make calls or send messages directly using the data obtained on the cards, helping a lot in productivity. You can connect the ScanBiz to your LinkedIn account if you want to add the owner of the business card to your contact list. The application supports 23 languages.

Business Card Reader Free

It simply allows you to capture all the information of contacts present in the cards and is able to read up to 22 different languages. Instantly transfers the information on the card to your smartphone and synchronizes the various cards on your iPhone via ABBYY cloud storage and share contacts via email, SMS or Wi-Fi.


Evernote is a great way to organize your business cards. To do this simply take a picture of the card with your iPhone, set a notepad for your business cards and then follow these same names with tags such as profession, for example. Evernote itself does a search for the words that are written on the card and it will be even easier to find all the information through the search.Evernote also has an application named Evernote Hello, which is dedicated to business cards.


It is a very useful application and ideal for those who like a more Zen style. Its function is very simple. Create a business card and allow it to be sent to social networks or email. The Cardcloud also gives the option to login the web, thereby edit information for your business card, add the link to the social networks or send to your contacts. The only downside is that it does not allow the change of business card background.


Those who enjoy high-quality images and want to organize the business cards in one place should check the SamCard application. The process is very simple: you only have to take a photo of the business card and the application itself reads all information. This is a fantastic feature that avoids that usual job of staying entering phone numbers, addresses, etc. The Samcard makes all this information for you!

Do you know any other good business card reader app for iOS? Let us know in the comments. We’ll add them in this list. The idea is to complete this top iPhone apps list with the help of our beloved readers. Thank you in advance for your great contribution.

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