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Now that our iOS devices accompany us in our everyday life, why do not they accompany us to cycle / bike? Here are the best cycling and biking apps for iPhone.

Who said that sports and the outdoors can not be combined with technology? There is no doubt that technology can be a great alternative at the time of exercise. If you love cycling or biking, then we can help with some technology to complement your activity. Today we are going to show five of the best applications that may use mounted in your bike or cycle and so bring a marked route, calculate your burned calories, store the distance you have made or simply share your favorite routes with your friends. Details after the break.
cycling apps for iPhone Let’s see what are the best iOS applications for cyclists and bikers. Ready? Go!

Best free cycling apps for iPhone.

Runtastic Road Bike

Runtastic Road Bike is an application, especially designed for bikers on the road that turns your iPhone into a portable & GPS cycle computer with incredible features! Follow your turns, your shopping and your workouts with your iOS device, check your training progress and compare your performance with your friends! Join the Runtastic community with millions of registered users.

Cyclemeter GPS

Cyclometer is developed especially for cyclists and is based on the GPS data, Cyclometer tracks your trips, displays the speed in analog and digital format, and lets you race against a ghost of yourself. Also calculates time, average speed and calories. So you can record all activities that make cycling to maintain a temporal evolutionary history and know how you are progressing in “training”.


Another useful app for cyclists with which you can collect all the data on your activity. From route, speed, ups and downs, or distance, to record all your activities from a calendar, allowing you an overview of it. It also contains some training, with which you can improve your biking capability. You can also share information through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Strava Running and Cycling

Strava is a social network for cyclists. Using GPS, Strava lets you keep track or “log” of the path, showing it on a map as you do. But Strava stands out for its social aspect. After performing a quick registration, you can register all trips made on two wheels, creating a profile with your details, time pedaling and even “objective”, how to be more than half an hour on the bike.

Biking Workout & Route Tracker

This is fairly a complete application for cyclists and bikers. It shows the distance traveled, the route made, the time you’ve used, the velocity at each point of the route and also can synchronize it any accessory such as heart rate monitor. It also serves to calculate calories burned depending on age, weight and height that you put on your profile. There is also support for many other third party apps such as Fitbir, MyFitnessPal or RunKeeper, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

With these iPhone applications you will have the opportunity to use your smartphone as an assistant when you ride a bike around the city or the mountains. Technology can give a major boost if you know how to use it for your favorite activity. Have something to share with other readers? Use the comment section! Thank you.

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Danica Simic
Danica Simic is an aspiring data scientist and software engineer who enjoys writing compelling and informational content. She loves reviewing different products, especially gadgets and gizmos, as well as writing concise guides and tutorials.


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