The best free camera apps for iPhone – the definitive collection

Try these best free iPhone camera apps to capture your moments.

Smartphone’s, especially the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, are really convenient to take pictures everywhere and at any time, quickly, to capture unrepeatable funny moments or images.
But the problem arises when you take a picture with the default settings of your phone’s camera app, which often are not the best ones. It happens so to have blurry photos in low light or dark or too bright, and so on.
For this reason it is worth changing the camera app and use one alternative. It is useful for those who are tired of the usual pre-installed camera app and looking for new features, high quality and effects for customization.
best free camera apps for iPhone In this collection we go to see what are the best iPhone apps for taking photos in a more precise and professional way. Let’s take a look and download them for free on your iOS device.

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome app for iPhone allows you to add many effects to your shots and has useful functions that can improve the quality of the images. This application is packed with some interesting features such as, the ability to change the contrast, brightness and focus, continues and panoramic shooting mode, anti-vibration, 1 tap sharing option and a mode that allows you to take photos by touching anywhere on the screen. Easy to use.


Camera360 is a great alternative for taking stunning photos with your iPhone. It has some wonderful filters such as HDR, Retro, Sketch, colorful and magical color (one color in the picture, while the remains in black and white) and within these categories there are a number of filters to choose from. All filters are fully adjustable so you can change the intensity. Very effective app.


VSCO Cam is an extraordinary application for iPhone to take stunning pictures with its easy to use user interface and a great number of filters. This program contains a huge number of effects and filters to work with your images. Easy to use and very effective.

These apps to take better pictures with your iPhone device are among the best in the market and surely you have a chance to try these applications, because all of them are free to download. Or do you know any other free camera apps for iPhone that are just as valid and which are not present in this list? Share your favorite apps with other users through the comments section below. Have a good day.

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