Best free iPhone games for kids 2015

We have selected the best games for kids for iPhone and iPad. Let’s check them out.

Who said that the technology may not be able to create beautiful moments of fun, growth, interaction and also bonding between parents and their children? Of course, the traditional games of the past still retain all their charm and their value but, in the age of Internet, multimedia can be of great help in times of evasion.
Best iPhone games for kids Of course, it is wrong to leave children all day with the device in hand, but a few hours in the company of these free games for iPhone can be transformed into an educational and interesting alternative. Today, we have selected the best iPhone games for kids. The developers of these applications have achieved the necessary balance between healthy and abundant learning fun to attract the attention of children, develop their creativity, enhance their reasoning skills and above all, entertain. Have fun then!

The best iPhone games for the little ones

Animal Puzzle Free

This is a very simple puzzle game designed for the little ones. Your child will enjoy riding the pieces of some animals. Only you need to drag it to the appropriate shade. It is recommended for children who can not read yet.

Playmobil Knights

Playmobil Knights is a simple game for kids where the goal is to Journey through the royal forests in search of treasure. Get chests and treasures. Fight against fierce and ugly trolls and challenge other Knights in Tournament Grounds. Improve your equipment with the help of the golden coins you’ve earned. This game is safe and entertaining for children.

LEGO City My City

LEGO City My City is another interesting children game that will charm your little ones. Explore the secrets of the ocean with a deep submarine! Take part in thrilling car chases, walk through the park or boat through the swamp. Put out fires in the city or play as the coast guard helicopter pilots to save shipwrecked sharks, and many more mini-games to play. In total, there are 13 mini-games based on your favorite topics. All Lego games are suitable for children between 5 and 12 years.

Dr. Panda Restaurant

Dr. Panda Restaurant is one of the most popular games for children at the App Store. In this game, children will learn to cook different recipes easily. They will have to cut, fry, stir or serve, and many more jobs to do just like the professional chefs.

Music Color Lite

Another interesting app for kids that will entertain and help them to learn about colors. The objective of this game is to learn to differentiate colors. When you open the app, it will show 12 squares, each with a color. If you tap on one color, you have up to 9 photographs that serve to distinguish the color of the rest. It also includes classical background music that will please not only the children but the adults too.


Explorium is one of those games that combine entertainment with education. In this game, you accompany two children, Alex and Alice in their adventures on the sea floor in search of Atlantis. Here, you will not only discover more about the underwater world but also collecting items and then builds your own home there. It also allows parents to play the game with their children.

Kids Puzzles Puzzingo

Puzzingo is another best kid game with an educational twist. It offers a wide collection of puzzles and mini-games that will allow children to train logic. It is specially designed for little ones, so even the very young children, aged 18 months, can also enjoy it.

Angry Birds 2

Simply Angry Birds can not miss on your iPhone or iPad and children’s love to play this game. For those who do not know (very few) the mechanics are as simple as throwing a bird from a slingshot and kill the enemy pigs. It sounds easy, but you have to plan your attack since not all structures are equal.

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