Best free racing games for iPhone and iPad

Here is a good selection of free racing games for iPhone and iPad. Check the list below for best free iPhone, iPad racing games and then start downloading.

Here are some of the best racing games for iOS.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 for iPad

A game with great graphics console and crazy, real racing sounds which will surely make you feel the excitement of real car racing on your iPhone or iPad. Get ready to download and experience the game with real cars, real tracks and real people. You can even challenge your Facebook friends and other players around the world to prove who the best racer is. The ability of vehicle customization is maximum.

Fast & Furious 6: The Game

This is one of the great racing games for racing lovers. The latest version of the series has just landed on the App Store which might be a top choice for racing lovers. The principle of the game is that the runner up wins a cash and respect for the drivers more “Fast” by linking drags and drifts through the streets of London. And it will earn cash to customize and improve a lot of high-end vehicles from the classic 1970 Dodge Charger.



Nitro is a free racing game for iPhone / iPad which is made entirely in 3D. The graphics are very colorful and very thorough, sure Nitro will get you a small visual slap. There are three modes to play: a multiplayer up to 6 players in real time, a mode 1 against 1 and finally the circuit VS Rival in which you will compete against other drivers managed by the computer mode. You also can customize your cars.

Forever Drive

Forever Drive for iOS

This is a nice 3D racing game that uses player-created tracks. With a virtually never ending racetrack, players race against the clock in this game by increasing their combo meter to go faster. So prepare your car to go as far as you can before the clock runs out!

Turbo Racing league

Turbo Racing league is about a young snail that has the dream of becoming the fastest snail monster. So you have to help him gain speed and to compete on the greatest routes as our hero goes from slow to a super-speed snail. The game has 9 tracks with different modes like Time Trial, the Fuel Limited or the Slalom.

Jet Trains

Jet Trains

Jet Trains is a small racing game being very nice and addictive. The game is about a young driver who wants to bring back the honor of his father, died in a race against the train General Enferhoffen. The game features 31 races, six different views and bosses robust enough to put in the wind. 5 steam engines are available and each can be upgraded.

CSR Racing

CSR Racing is not only a racing game, it is more sort of a game of strategy.  CSR Racing is a free iPhone game where you will measure your gang in the city in drag racing right inside the city to earn money and reputation. Spend the money to buy new car, upgrade your car, customize it and bring it for repair. Additionally, you’re not alone in this race: teams reign over the city and keep an eye on your progress. Prepare to face their best drivers.

3D Rally Racing

3D Rally Racing

3D Rally Racing game will take you to a real world of races. You will have an opportunity to choose between different rally cars including Group B! Test your rally skills, while chasing through various world locations such as USA, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Romania and others.

These are some of the top most racing games we think will give the fun of racing cars on iPhone. We would also like to know what are your favorite Top Free Racing Games for iPhone? Please recommend your favourite iPhone, iPad racing titles in the comment section below.

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