The Best Horror Games For iPhone And iPad (Free And Paid)

The horror genre is one of the most prolific not only in TV series and movies but also in video games. In this article, we present a selection of the best horror games for iPhone and iPad.

There are many games available for the iOS platform and there are also several titles related to purely horror games. Today, we prepare a selection of the best horror games for iOS devices. These games will be able to make you tremble with fear as you play on your iPhone.
best horror games for iPhone 2015 free

Dead Space

Dead Space is the most frightening horror game for iOS that has imposed an exceptionally high standard for the genre. This game will take you in the dark, scary monsters to fight and fight, most importantly, your own fears. If you want to try a frightening experience Eyes is a highly recommended game.

Dark Meadow

If you like to scare you and like the suspense, this game is for you. Dark Meadow is one of the most mysterious titles on App Store that brings an amazing story and frightening scenarios to discover. Embark in a journey to an abandoned asylum, with mysteries to be discovered, horror atmospheres and many repulsive monsters to kill. Absolutely the best of the best. This game is free to download.


Rage is a title absolutely essential for anyone who is a lover of this kind of video games. This mobile version has nothing to envy to the PC and console, in terms of suspense and terror. Sure, the gameplay is very limited, but a title that continues a tradition of horror scenarios and game plot.

Eyes – The Horror Game

Eyes – The Horror Game is an exciting adventure game, where the user will play as a thief intent to explore an abandoned mansion to collect bags of money and then get away as soon as possible, trying not to be caught by the deceased owner. The ghost will try to scare you, making your heart burst and making you, therefore, a permanent guest of the house.

Dead Trigger 2

Billions of people died because of an unknown virus, others have turned into beasts. You will have to join a group of survivors seeking shelter, and must invent new ways to fend off zombies. The missions are random and unlimited, although the fight for survival will be very difficult. Intuitive controls and 3D images of high quality make this adventure much adrenaline.

Walking Dead: The Game

Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2 is the sequel to the game of the year 2012, and proposes the continuation of the story of Clementine, an orphan girl left to fend for herself and forced to get by in a ruthless world of the living dead.


Zombiewood is a free game, developed by Gameloft. You’ll have to run to Los Angeles and try to survive the zombie apocalypse. This is one of the best games for zombie action.
So far these are our selections of the best iPhone survival horror games. If you disagree with our opinion let us know your top five in the space dedicated to comments.

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