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Here we go again with weekly Best iOS apps download in searching of Top iPhone Apps in App Store.

Best Apps of the week iPhone

Welcome back to our weekly iPhone app showcase where we focus on latest and popular iPhone apps from recent releases on App store. Checkout below Top iPhone Apps for this week


Shuttersong lets you combine each image with voice, sound or music into a single JPEG file, which is very easy to share. Take a photo or choose from your device and immediately record the ambient noise there, or choose a song from your music library. The app adds the sound and picture together and makes a JPEG file, you can easily share them everywhere.


If you like photography and taking spectacular pictures, you can not miss this app on your iPhone. It is one of those apps that really worth it for the quality that can be achieved with filters and processes offered, offers various editing tools and color filters that can be applied even before you take a picture or start the filming. For those who love to capture beautiful images and videos, whether of people or landscapes.


Phlo for iPhone is a search engine type app that uses multiple search engines at once and gives you the ability to select multiple search engines within an interface simple and minimalist. You enter your search once and have the option to view it in several different sites. Within the app you can use the search engine of your choice at one time, but Also is possible to use multiple search engines if you press shift + backspace key or shift + click if you want to use the mouse.

Facetune for iPad

Facetune is a fun and powerful portrait photo editor that lets you edit all the photos and enhance your looks in them. The app provides 10 useful tolls with those you can edit your photos i.e. pile your skin, remove all blemishes from pimples, spots and holes up, remove hair from your eyebrows or mustache and more.

Songdrop – Free Music Player

Take your Songdrop playlists on the go! Listen to music from around the internet and watch music videos directly from your iPhone. You can make mixes with YouTube videos AND Soundcloud streams and share your favorite songs on social networking site Facebook.


Finding emails and files across the cloud using your phone can be easier with FindIt iPhone app. Simultaneous search for multiple Gmail, Google Drive and Dropbox, combined in one application with a minimalist design, but a lot of settings.

Earbits Free Radio

Earbits is a free online radio app that allows you to listen streaming music in combination of user’s own music with over 12,000 songs from independent artists worldwide. Earbits is one of the first services of commercial free music streaming products designed for live music events. The app has 630 labels, 12 000 artists and more than 380 channels.

Blur – Create Custom Wallpapers

A perfect application to create wallpapers for your iOS 7 devices that allows you to convert your images into beautiful style iOS 7 wallpapers. You can easily create fully customized wallpapers for your iPhone. The operation of Blur for iPhone and iPad is very simple, we can choose an image from the library or use the camera to make a new one and then add the blur effect. Blur also allows you to adjust to your taste intensity of that effect, so the key to getting a good result is play with that intensity and transparency, iOS 7. Save the image and set it as wallpaper.

ARGUS – Motion and Fitness Tracker

A new application that turns your iPhone into a sophisticated health and fitness device to monitor your daily activities and improve your habits. The app provides some good tools with which you can keep track of all your movement throughout the day, keep track of your meals and even you can monitor your sleep.


Another instant messaging app for iPhone and iPad with many options that you will like. With MessageMe you can send text and voice messages, videos, pictures, emoticons and music. Also you can draw on the images and add text to send. The app has a very sensible interface and very easy to use. Only requirement: Open an account at MessageMe.

That’s all for this week. Let us know which apps from above was helpful for you. And don’t forget to share your favorite apps of the week in the comment section below.

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