The Best Free iPhone, iPad Games This Week

Checkout the most downloaded popular and Best iOS Games this Week on Apple store available for free.

Here we are with another Top 10 best free games of the week iPhone. We present you the best games for iPhone, iPad that are avilable on appstore at no cost. These are some of the newly arrived and most downloaded best games that you can download in the App Store.

Here are the Top free games for iPhone and iPad this week:

Forsaken World Mobile MMORPG (FREE)

Forsaken World MMORPG - best free iphone games

7.5Forsaken World Mobile is the mobile adaptation of the famous MMORPG for PC. The game features a 3D universe that uses the same graphics of the PC version, in addition to having all the features you expect to find in an MMORPG, such as a wide range of skills and abilities to unlock, various quests, real-time gameplay with others and even mounts are included in the mobile version.

Down The Mountain (FREE)

8.2Down the Mountain is a fun casual game for iOS. Tap each side of the screen and try to avoid the obstacles in this addictive game. The goal, as always, is to get as far as possible. The game features elaborate challenges with obstacles like cars, bombs and even a small stream.

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing (FREE)

8.0Top Speed: Fast & Drag Racing is a 1 Vs 1 racing game where you have to compete in street racing against other drivers having to get money to improve your car and go buy better models (69 in total). Dominate your criminally insane rivals in extreme head-to-head drag races.

Mountain Goat Mountain (FREE)

8.6Mountain Goat Mountain is a mix between QBert and Cross Road. The main mission is to reach the top of the mountain by jumping from one point to another. Of course, the task is not as simple when the mountain takes unexpected shapes with dangerous cliffs everywhere, rivers crossing its slopes, or areas that are destroyed and precipitate to the ground with only approach and pass over them. Dangers that make the game interesting and put the games do not last more than a few seconds or a minute.

Wakfu Raiders (FREE)

7.8Wakfu Raider is a tactical RPG for iOS based on the classic MMO Wakfu. The aim of the game is to explore the World of Twelve to solve the mysterious anomalies that are happening in Etatim Dimension. You can choose between 30 characters, which have the powers of nature to start your journey and defeat enemies. The battles take place in real-time and can also be used for combos that cause more damage. Unlike its version for computers, the title can be played offline, online and in competitive tournaments with PVP arenas.

Cally’s Caves 3 (FREE)

8.2Cally Caves 3 is a platform game that brings an incredible story: Cally’s parents were kidnapped again by the villain, and you need to help her to save them. Embark on a quest and face the depths of the caves, and try to reach the hollow halls of Herbert lair. Use 16 unique weapons against 20 types of enemies and 6 fiendish bosses. Venture through 104 tricky levels, but remember to make sure you buy lots of upgrades to Cally store.

Dexter: Hidden Darkness (FREE)

8.1Dexter: Hidden Darkness is a research game with characters from the TV series Dexter. Command the protagonist and resolve cases while trying to feed your “inner passenger”. In addition to solving crimes, the character will also commit some murders and need to hide the evidence. With a visual true to the series, and good story of suspense, Dexter: Hidden Darkness will surely please fans of the television production.

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest – Match 3 RPG Game (FREE)

6.8In Adventure Time Puzzle Quest, the player will embark on an epic journey alongside the characters from the cartoon Adventure Time. Face missions and unlock new partners in a game that combines puzzle and RPG. Adventure Time Puzzle Quest has a great history and funny dialogues between Jake, Finn and the Ice King. The title has great graphics and many stages.

If you have already download and playing the games above on your iOS devices, please let us know which games you’d like most.

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