Top 10 Best Kids Games For iPad And iPhone Free

We present a selection of the best iPad games for kids with some of the most interesting free titles to be found in the App Store.

Do you have an iPad and want some nice game for children? Your children often use your iPad and want to offer them some fun game? There are hundreds of thousands of games available on the App Store, not only for children. It is almost impossible to list them all, which is why we propose today a list of 10 great iPad games for children aged two to 10 years, to learn something new or just have fun!
Best Kids Games For iPad And iPhone

Here’s a nice list of iPad games for kids free.

Racing Penguin

We started with one of the most popular games on the App Store. Racing Penguin (or Flying Penguin) is a fun game for children. Slide down the mountains of Antarctica and flap your wings to fly. With the finger, children will try to keep the animal in the air as long as possible. It features 5 different worlds with 40 different levels.


Explorium is one of those games that combine entertainment with education. In this game you accompany two children, Alex and Alice in their adventures on the sea floor in search of Atlantis, where you will not only discover more about the underwater world but also collecting items and then build your own home there. It also allows parents to play the game with their children.

Angry Birds HD

Angry Birds is a popular game in the world. In this case, it does not really need any introduction. Fun is guaranteed, not only for children.

Mouse Maze

Mouse Maze is a fun game for iPad. Mouse Maze is a highly addictive puzzle game for children of all ages. A little PacMan-style, this title offers you 6 different worlds with exciting levels, where you have to collect stars to unlock the later levels.


Puzzingo is another game with an educational twist. It offers a wide collection of puzzles and mini-games that not only allow children to train logic and observation skills, they are thinking to do so with the familiar English passage.

Bubble Mania

Bubble Mania is a game that needs no introduction. Slightly different from the original, you will be committed to blow colored bubbles to defeat the “bad” guy. It features more than 600 levels to entertain your children.

Animals 360

With 360 Animals, your child can really learn all about animals while having fun. They will test their knowledge through simple and intuitive quizzes and recompose the picture of each animal with the puzzle. The possibility to change the level of difficulty will be suitable for any age. Your kids will never stop learning!

Ocean Puzzles and Colors

Ocean Puzzles and Colors is a nice application for children to keep them entertained with the characters that inhabit the sea. This game offers a number of puzzles to compose. In the free version, you can play 5 different puzzles and the full version offers 17 different puzzles and the ability to colorize all the animals on the list.

Top free iPad apps for children, currently most downloaded.

Phone for Kids

Phone for Kids transforms your iPhone or iPad into a multimedia platform of learning for children. The game offers 24 unique mini-games that will help your child to draw, color, count, read, and much more. All this in a very simple and fun way.

Frozen Free Fall

We ended up this selection of the best kid’s games for iPad with one of the most popular titles, Frozen Free Fall. It is very similar to Candy Crush Saga in gameplay, but it has a very important incentive for smaller: the scenarios are from Arendelle kingdom and have the characters of the super-popular animated film of Disney, Frozen as protagonists.

Well, we have concluded with this list of the best iPad games for kids. If you know others report them and we will update this article. Thank you for reading.

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