The best apps of relaxation and meditation for iPhone and iPad



Meditation apps are a powerful weapon to combat stress anytime, relaxation techniques, breathing and sounds that make you feel inside nature. Here are some of the best meditation apps for iPhone and iPad free.

The frantic pace of the twenty-first century life prevents us from finding quiet time to harmonize our mind and organize our ideas. The routine and monotony of our everyday life can leave us more mentally exhausted than physically. So a little relaxation and meditation is not bad. If you are a person who like to enjoy moments of peace and relaxation amidst the daily stress, you can use some iOS meditation apps.
best meditation apps iphone 2015 There are many applications available on the App Store that can help you unwind and guide you to a world of relaxation and meditation. Do you want to know? Continue to be with us and we will teach you some of them.

The best applications for iPhone meditation free.


Headspace is a great meditaion app for iPhone that will help you relax and lead a healthy and peaceful life. It provides a fun way to keep track of your meditation sessions and also motivate you to continue with them. You can start with sessions of 10 minutes a day and start working from here. You may also invite your friends and see meditation sessions aimed at different kinds of stress relief.


Omvana is based on the idea that meditation is much more than breathing and repeating the mantra “om”. It should be, however, very personal and unique. It contains thousands of audio tracks ideal to facilitate meditation.Whether you want to meditate while reading a book, whether you want to relax listening to the sounds of nature, Omvana has an extensive library of tracks to choose from.

Relax Melodies

Anxiety can also interrupt a deep sleep. Creating a relaxing environment can help you fall asleep and to stay asleep. Unwind with one of the 50 sounds of this app anti-anxiety. You can set a timer to stop the music after you fall asleep. One way to enjoy the benefits of the sleep of the night.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Sometimes all you need is to stop, breathe deeply and think. These are the three principles on which this application is developed. It allows you to make a small check-up staff (in terms of physical, mental and emotional) and then suggest a recovery or stabilization guide. Simple, fun and easy to use.

Anxiety Free

Meditation requires awareness and a sense of presence in your thoughts. Hypnosis is a step beyond meditation. The goal of this app is to create for each user their own state in which the self-hypnosis is possible in order to reduce anxiety.

Try one of these iPhone meditation apps and find a way to harmonize your body and mind and avoid stress. If you had to consider other free anti-anxiety app do not hesitate to write about them in the comments. Thank you for reading.

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