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Password Management – if you have so many passwords to use and at the same time protect … Here are the best password management apps for iPhone for managing all the best on your iOS devices.

Every day you have to deal with passwords and, in some cases, they are so many. It is very difficult to memorize different passwords for each account and it is easy to forget them. That is why most people use weak passwords or same password to email accounts and other online services. In these cases, if your password is stolen with some trickery, any online service to which you are enrolled it becomes at risk and easily accessible by strangers.
best password manager for iphoneLuckily there are applications that can save you from this headache. A good password manager lets you store all credentials and login to the sites, once and for all and protecting access by a master password. The passwords are stored in encrypted form on a secure server and become available on any computer and used on smartphone and tablet devices.
Are you interested? Perfect! In this article, we meet the 6 best password manager for iPhone to help you choose the software that best suits your needs.

Managing Passwords: Top Free Apps For iDevices To Download.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is the most famous password manager. It is fast, easy and simple to synchronize secure passwords of all browsers. With LastPass, all your data is encrypted locally on your PC using encryption AES 256 and only you can unlock them. Your access key never leaves your device and is never shared with LastPass.


1password stores all your data locally on your computer. Even if you choose to synchronize your data with other devices, your master password never leaves your computer or device. So decryption is always carried out locally and the decrypted data is never written to disk.


Dashlane makes it easy to keep track of passwords and personal information used in the web. You can choose where to store the data: only locally, or synchronize them in the cloud services. The application stores the login, access keys, e-mail, addresses, credit cards and sends alerts to the security breach. You can access your data at home, at work or wherever you are.


With its high-performance encryption technology and security, primarily Keeper plays the card of security at the expense of ergonomics and clarity of its interface. However, for a free app on iOS, the features are easy to use and there are many – especially the destruction capacity of all data recorded after five incorrect entries of the master password.

Enpass Password Manager

Enpass includes all the standard features of a password management app/service. Passwords are arranged according to different categories such as logins, credit cards, computers, licenses, etc. and organized in folders. You can synchronize your password database with Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.


RoboForm Backup and organizes your passwords. In addition, it offers to automatically fill login and passwords in forms. You can also record your personal information and use it to automatically fill in online forms.

What are the apps you use to protect your data and your account? Let us know in the comments. Have a nice day.

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