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Going on vacation without the iPhone or iPad is like riding a bike without wheels. Here is a selection of the best travel apps for iPhone to make your next trip awesome.

Smartphone has become a faithful companion of travelers around the world. You can find numerous iPhone apps dedicated to travel. These apps are very useful for those who love to travel, gather new experiences and get information on routes and tourist destinations around the world. But what are the best iPhone apps for travelers?
To help you find the best iPhone Apps to travel around, we set ourselves to do and we have selected the 10 best travel apps for iPhone. Download these free apps on your iPhone or iPad and live an unforgettable holiday, without too much stress.
Best Travel Apps For iPhone

Here are the best Best Travel Apps For iPhone and iPad you can download free of cost.


It is certainly the most complete travel app for smartphone, since You can have all you need to discover the best restaurants, hotels and attractions right on your smartphone. You can also read the reviews given by customers who have already been avoiding to run into some nasty surprise.


In the list of the best travel apps for iOS devices, it is mandatory to advise at least one application for comparing flights. In this case, our choice fell on Skyscanner. To find cheap flights, even last minute, there is no better! And if you did not yet decided on your holiday destination, Skyscanner even tells you the cheapest destinations of the moment.


Official application of the famous site of hotel booking, very well designed and allows you to book your accommodation.


This is a community (online) by which you can get in touch with people who have space in their homes to accommodate travelers. Special offer to rent a room at home or full housing when the owners are absent.


This free app allows you to discover the most interesting places for those who are on vacation in a city: restaurants, shopping stores, places for relaxation and fun, and other establishments in your area.

Wi-Fi Finder

Dedicated to all those who are desperate to find a free internet connection. With this app you will find the hotspot closet to you. Locate instant wireless networks free or paid in over 545,000 locations scattered in 144 countries.


A weather application certainly not allow you to avoid sudden weather phenomena, but at least allow you to change travel plans with due notice. Perhaps, able to save the day. AccuWeather is one of the most complete weather applications. It is more accurate than the standard weather app from Apple.


Sure, Skype can not be missed on this list. This is the best app to communicate with your loved ones from a distance. Just connect your phone via W-Fi, you will find lots of free networks abroad, or roaming charges and in this way you can communicate with friends and family.


From the restaurant to the bar, from cinema to pharmacies, from the hotel to the parking lot. With AroundMe – GPS and smartphone – you will find everything you need within a few hundred meters.

Google Earth

Real interactive map, ultra complete with a 3D view to not lose you, wherever you are. An excellent complement to the indispensable Google Maps.

In your opinion, what is the iPhone application must for a trip around the world? Feel free to comment and submit your best travel applications if you want to contribute to this list. The latter will be regularly updated to help future travelers! Thank you.

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Danica Simic is an aspiring data scientist and software engineer who enjoys writing compelling and informational content. She loves reviewing different products, especially gadgets and gizmos, as well as writing concise guides and tutorials.


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