The Best Video Player Apps for iPhone And iPad



A selection of the best video player apps for iPhone & iPad you can download free from the App Store.

best video player for iphone

The App Store offers numerous video players adaptable to your device that can play different media formats and customization settings to deliver a unique user experience.

A few weeks ago we dealt with the best music player apps to play music, but, of course, our iOS devices does not stop only listening to some music. Today we decided to round up 5 of the best video player that App Store has to offer.

The best video player for iOS to play different media formats on your iDevice.


It is one of the most beloved apps for playing video files on your device. The app performs well with most video and audio files that you tried to play. Its design is well-suited to iOS with touch buttons. It also includes interesting features like the ability to play a video hosted on Dropbox or a UPnP server. Enjoy all the power and fluidity of one of the most famous media player in the world of entertainment.

Best free iOS apps to watch and download videos.

OPlayerHD Lite

OPlayer HD is one of the most popular media players for iOS that fulfills its purpose well. OPlayer opens videos in various formats, including WMV and MKV, as well as audio and subtitles. It allows you to sync videos via WiFi or iTunes from your computer and FTP servers or Samba client. It supports subtitles in any format and also offers the ability to play streaming content with support HTTP, MMS, and RTSP.

Infuse 3

Infuse 3 is an excellent video player app for iOS. With this app, you can play all type of videos and virtually organize your media files. You don’t need to convert files as it is compatible with all conventional video formats. It also provides access to content for streaming and serves as manager of content and media center.

Movie Player

Another great app to watch your favorite videos on your iPhone. Movie Player supports all standard video formats, so you do not need to convert the files beforehand. In addition, it has many options, such as play movies from Dropbox, email attachments, rename files directly from the application or ensure you privacy with private folders with a password.


The Playable player is a very simple and clean media player app for iOS. With this app, you can play almost any video formats on your iDevice without conversion and, therefore, without losing quality.


AcePlayer can play almost any format and transmit it via streaming directly on your iPhone or iPad. AcePlayer supports AirPlay and TV out and has dual-core decoding. It also has an integrated Media Downloader to download files from FTP / Samba and UPnP servers. Finally, AcePlayer allows you to open links via streaming of types HTTP, FTP or MMS, among others, ideal for watching football or NBA Live.
Now, of course, it’s up to you to decide which video player is perfect for you. Do you know any other free media player for iPhone that should be included in this list? Use the comment section below and let us know the name of the app? The idea is to complete this selection of the best iPhone apps with the help of our beloved readers. Have a nice day.

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