How to Change the Font Size on an iPhone

Learn how to change the font size on an iPhone running iOS7 or higher without installing any external application without requiring any complicated setup process.

Do you want to change the font/text size of your iPhone? In this tutorial we will explain how to change the font size on an iPhone running iOS7 or higher without installing any external application and without requiring any complicated setup process, easy step by step guide. change the font size on an iPhone While other versions of this operating system from U.S. manufacturer Apple also incorporate this option, the process for changing the font may be slightly different from one version to another, and therefore we have relied on the most popular version of all when developing the tutorial process.

How to change the font size/text on an iPhone

Access the application settings and then tap the General menu option accompanied by a small icon with a gear. In General menu tap on the option “Text Size”. This option is very simple: Simply drag the white color ball to one of the two sides depending on what size you want to associate with the letter of the interface (left point becomes smaller, while the right is larger). Once you have set the font size, return to the previous configuration screen (the “General” menu screen) Now tap on the option “Accessibility “. Taping on this option you will see the configuration window in which you can make additional changes to the font of your iPhone -besides the font size. Here you will see several setting options to change the look of your font. Turn on the “Bold text” that allows you to place the text with a more prominent feature, and the other options “Reduce Motion” “Increase Contrast”, etc. are not strictly related to the source of the fonts, they are still adjustments to provide better visualization of the content of the screen. With this simple tutorial you can change the text size of your iPhone running iOS7 or higher. You can also improve the sharpness with which the content is displayed, especially useful for people with vision problems. Point to be noted that these settings only work in applications that are compatible with the “dynamic font size”, so there is the possibility that some of the applications you download from the App Store proves not to be compatible with the size of the letters you have established. You can also browse our iOS Tips section from more Tips and tutorials on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Thank you for staying with us.

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