The Best free iPhone and iPad Games this week

Welcome back to our weekly roundup of the best free iOS games on App Store.

free iPhone & iPad Games of the week

We’ve curated a list of the best free iPhone and iPad games which just arrived on the AppStore and has already earned some popularity.

Let’s download these new iOS game titles on your iPhone, iPad or iPod from AppStore:

Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin (FREE)

Rival Kingdoms is a new game of strategy where the goal is to build and manage your kingdom with several units and buildings, either to get gold, new troops or defend against enemy attacks. You have to create an army and fight for victory in epic real-time battles with up to 300 players. Also, you can use the forces of the monstrous Titans-gods, warriors and creatures to gain an advantage in the fight. You can join different clans called “Kingdoms”, where you will work with others to achieve improvements and fight in tournaments.

Capitals – Free Word Battle (FREE)

Capitals is a free and addictive multiplayer word game where you’ll have to find words from a hex-map of letters, defending your capital and attacking your rival’s to expand your territory. You can play the game with different friends at once.

Skiing Yeti Mountain (FREE)

Skiing Yeti Mountain is a game for iOS inspired by the ancient game of skiing and downhill. You need to ski with your character in an environment full of snow and obstacles and go in search of the legendary Yeti monster. During your journey you will need to dodge trees and go through the blue and red markings on the scene, this way you will be guided to the end of each phase. By far, the game closely resembles the classic Windows game Ski but offers a new perspective on gameplay.

Lara Croft Relic Run (FREE)

Jump over dinosaur, waterfalls or shoot multiple enemies. In Lara Croft: Relic Run, the mission is to get as far as you can by dodging the obstacles and enemies, just like the classic Temple Run. Different in Lara Croft is that you can use several vehicles and skills to pass the enemies, and avoid obstacles. The game has great graphics and simple gameplay.

FarmVille Harvest Swap (FREE)

FarmVille: Harvest Swap is a puzzle game with neat graphics, dynamic gameplay and fun stages. In this game, you need to make combinations of three or more elements, but you can also perform special moves and use various tools.
These are the new games for iPhone chosen by the team of If you missed some “episode” of our section you can find at THIS LINK all the best app of the previous weeks we have chosen for you.

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