Our favorite titles for this week’s Top Free iOS Games chart.

Free iOS Games of the Week

Welcome to our weekly top free iOS games roundup. While we see a great number of paid iPhone, iPad games are being released on AppStore, there are also some great free games pops up. All you need to stay tuned with us and we will guide you to the best free iOS games every week.

Let’s see what’s in this week’s collection of top free iOS games.

Angry Birds Fight! (FREE)

4.5*Angry Birds Fight, the latest release of the saga Angry Birds, is a strange mix of Candy Crush Saga and RPG where you will have to solve puzzles to make your character win battles. The goal is to join three or more equal Angry Birds characters to make them disappear, but unlike Candy Crush Saga, it focuses on the battles. You can play against your friends in real time. It is a blend of puzzle game with RPG. The more you earn, more powerful you would become.

Dude Perfect 2 (FREE)

4.4*Dude Perfect 2 is a physics-based basketball game for iOS that should not fail to have on your mobile if you like varied, original and are related to basketball games. Experience mind-blowing trick shots and make impossible goal over a variety of stunning scenery. Show off your skills against your friends and jump your way to the top. The missions are the most varied and very funny, so you will see that you always surprise you.

Threes! Free (FREE)

4.3*One of the most popular puzzle games in the world has just won a free version for iOS. In Threes! Free, you must divide by the numerals 3, although very simple, is very addictive and challenge your skill. Even in the most frustrating and difficult matches the music is always so exciting that you just keep playing.

Blades of Brim (FREE)

4.6*Blades of Brim is a very colorful and fun runner game for iPhone and iPad with great graphics and enough variety of characters and scenarios. In this game, you’ll have to control a brave warrior who tries to defend his kingdom from the goons. To attack these strange and horrifying enemies you need to jump, roll on the floor and move from side to side of the screen.

Doodle Draw for Messenger (FREE)

3.7*Doodle Draw is the first game to Facebook Messenger platform. The game is basically a mobile version of Pictionary, much like the popular Draw Something. The game tells you what to draw and you have to draw and send it to a friend, and see if he or she can guess what it is. So simple and so classic. At the start, you have a limited amount of colors to draw, but as you play go getting points with which to buy more bright colors.

Green Ninja: Year of the Frog (FREE)

4.7*Green Ninja: Year of the frog is a Kung Fu turn based puzzle game where the protagonist is a fearsome ninja frog. In this game, you will use your kung fu skills to solve many puzzles moving through the levels to destroy the ninja enemies, use objects on each level to solve puzzles. The game has quite simple controls where you’ll just slide your finger in the desired direction to move the frog through the level.

Ronaldo&Hugo (FREE)

4.1*An interesting endless runner game, in the style of Subway Surfers, starring Cristiano Ronaldo and Hugo. The adventure takes place in Las Vegas and the protagonist aims flee the paparazzi photographers. For this, the player has a number of items to achieve your goal. The highlight is the angry skateboards collection that owns several properties.

Please, do share your thoughts on the games above. Older lists of the best free iPhone & iPad games can be found iOS games of the week. Make sure you’ve downloaded them too!


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