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Here we bring you a compilation of best free racing games for iPhone and iPad, which are rated by users of the iOS Market. Download the following free racing games for iPhone and iPad.

Most gamers are die hard fan of Racing games. There are plenty of racing games for iPhone and most of them have gained huge popularity among the iOS device users due to their respective features and unique gameplay, but this time we will only focus on some of the top free iPhone racing games to play on your iOS devices. The following list includes the 10 Best FREE Car Racing Games for iPhone and iPad.
Best free racing games for iPhone

Let’s checkout some of the best iPhone racing games available for free on Apple store.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

With Asphalt 8: Airborne free for iPhone and iPad, car racing games for iOS has entered a new round. Experience new intense, full of daring stunts race on the new physics engine. Incredible 360 degree turns, maneuvers and jumps in the air transform Racing in flight! Main feature of this game is that you can drive on the iPad / iPhone / iPod on the internet with real people! The game presents multiplayer race and race with your friends via local Wi-Fi, but unfortunately for many, this game is removed the ability to play via Bluetooth. Eight seasons and 180 different races that have to be faster and you have to manage the turbo in the best way. Completely amazing graphics in a game that tests your device.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 game for iPhone Real Racing 3 is one of the most exciting racing simulators in mobile racing games history. In this game you will have the opportunity to drive some world class cars for top class car manufacturers in the world such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Dodge, Bugatti and Audi. An interesting feature of the game mode is Time Shifted Multiplayer, which allows you to compete with other gamers after they drove their race – no need to agree to participate in the same time. In addition, Real Racing 3 features one of the best graphics for the current generation of smartphones and tablets. A pretty good game for the lovers of speed.

CSR Racing

Another best free iOS racing game for your gadget that lets you compete against AI opponents in the endurance race to the death. In CSR Racing iPhone game you can challenge your friends in online games or play against the computer where your main task will be to control the change in your car. It will give the user the option to boost the car and, of course, to buy new, more powerful. To fulfill your mission you must win races and spend the money on upgrades for your car, as a new engine, nitrous oxide, a new gearbox … Just to have the best car. The graphics are very good that express the power of your iOS device.

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ HD

Choose your car among the more than 100 available cars and hit the road in GT Racing: Motor Academy, a brilliant racing game. Download the game for FREE and take your first steps into the huge and fascinating Career mode.

Forever Drive

Forever Drive for iPad Forever Drive is a game of intense racing based on a groundbreaking idea and ensures fun for hours and hours. Forever Drive game for iOS is futuristic and is based on a 3D city, made by users.From your iOS device you can create and mold a small portion of this strange world , halfway between an alien city and a superhighway. Your small contribution will be uploaded to servers Supermono and hence, after passing an assessment will be added to the adventures of everyone playing at Forever Drive.

Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go iPhone game Angry Birds GO! is a racing game in the spirit of Mario Cart, but with the familiar characters of the franchise birds and pigs. The game is made in the usual cartoon style, and contains elements of infinite runner heroes. You will enjoy a full 3D world in which you will drive at breakneck speed and overcome various obstacles in its path. In addition you will have the opportunity to improve your car at every race. Special module TELEPODS allows you to transfer images to the game of toys from Hasbro.

Hill Climb Racing

One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based racing game for your iOS device. In Hill Climb Racing players are invited to sit behind the wheel of an SUV and drive rather complex distance, collecting coins and cans of fuel.

Fast & Furious 6: The Game

Inspired by the popular action movie, Fast & Furious 6 let’s you drive those cool cars you have seen on the film. The gameplay is different from previous Fast and Furious games but still fun to play, especially if you’re a fan of the series. To win, you need to start at the right time and make gear changes in the most appropriate spin to harness the power of the engine.

Racing Rivals

Racing Rivals for iPod Racing Rivals is a drag racing game where the key is shifting. It is a very similar game to CSR Racing, with two major changes: real multiplayer racing against other players, and having to “throw” the car, pressing the snatch. Players have the option of modifying the selected vehicle – can be reinforced chassis, change the appearance, install new tires, and all this increases productivity and improves the chances of success in the race. Call on the racing duel players from around the world!

MotoHeroz HD

MotoHeroz HD is a casual racing game for your iOS devices, but with the appearance of a two-dimensional platforms. This time you’ll have a fun ride all terrain huge wheels and get to the bottom of the screen jumping and dodging all sorts of obstacles. MotoHeroz uses electrifying and fun gameplay style game Trials HD, adding a greater variety of races and even more frantic competition, converting it into a good racing game. The game also includes a multiplayer mode where you can beat your online friends.

These are the games we think will give the fun of racing cars on iPhone. We would also like to know what are your favorite Top Free Racing Games for iPhone? Please recommend your favourite iPhone, iPad racing titles in the comment section below.

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