The Best iOS Equalizer Apps to Tweak and Improve sound on iPhone & iPad

Use these iOS equalizer apps to adjust EQ for better audio quality

Best iOS Equalizer Apps

Music is one of the most popular activities for mobile devices, with millions of us listening daily thanks to the portability of smartphones and tablets. While the built-in native equalizer on iOS is great, the settings come as presets which is still kind of limited for users. Many people are looking for extra fun being able to precisely adjust the bass, midrange, treble and boost the sound.

Although you may think that the audio quality of your iOS device is pretty good already, thanks to its built-in equalizer, you might be pleasantly surprised by the difference offered with a decent equalizer app. Thankfully, Apple has given leeway to developers that want to create equalizer apps for iOS devices, and there are various EQ apps now available on AppStore.

How to access the built-in iPhone/ iPad equalizer?

As mentioned above, the built-in iPhone equalizer is more than enough to satisfy most of your audiophile needs. If you want to access and change some EQ presets on iOS, here’s how to do it.

Navigate to the “Settings” app. Scroll down to the “Music” app. Tap EQ, it’s under the Playback section. Navigate through the EQ settings to find a preset you’d like to use and change the settings in the app. Exit the EQ settings using the home button or gesture.

Is there an equalizer app for iPhone?

Yes, there are a lot of both free and premium equalizer applications for iOS, which can be found on the App Store. Unfortunately, some audiophiles have more bass demands from their device and want to tweak the sound to be to their liking while others want more acoustic sound. Below you will find some great Equalizer apps you can use to change your audio settings.

How to use the equalizer app on iOS devices?

Given that the native iOS app is made so intuitively that regular users can use it with ease and that the app is open to developers, third-party apps are also well-made to meet user demands, whether they are more or less tech-savvy. All apps have different features and user interface, but the available presets, intensity, and other filters are universal and easy to use.

These apps can adjust the sound to be just how you like it and give you more controls and settings to take advantage of. This will make your enjoyment of music more satisfying, whether you’re a casual listener or a professional musician. We have been checking out many iOS equalizer apps to save you time and effort, and some are more user-friendly than others. We’ve considered this and other factors to narrow the selection down to the very best iOS equalizer apps available, so take a look, and you might decide to download one or more of the following apps to improve your sound experience.

Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

Price: Free

Surround sound quality is a trendy thing now, and who doesn’t like it? Boom is an app that allows you to enjoy the magic of the surrounding sound with dynamic bass and realistic ambient. What makes it better than other apps is that its equalizer can be customized in a way that the experience is personalized.

You can tune the music according to your own wishes and demands. You can also use it to customize your playlist and control the intensity and strength of each presets you choose.

Equalizer+ HD music player

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Get the best sound quality with Equalizer+ that acts as a music player and equalizer. It can access music from iTunes, Google Drive, and Dropbox, with no need for a Wi-Fi or Internet connection thanks to an offline mode. This app automatically gives you optimized results depending on which headphones are being used, and you can mix, customize, and edit the sound to your heart’s content. It features DJ transitions for when you want to play your playlists, and if you want to share music from your PC, the iTunes shared folder access means you can directly transfer your tracks.

Further features include a 7-band equalizer, 10 equalizer presets to suit different musical genres, Spectrum representation of sound and much more, and all of the main audio formats such as mp3 and FLAC are supported. You can also take advantage of the queue system, a repeat function (for one song, a whole playlist or no repetition), shuffle function, music progression bar, and more.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

MolaEqualizer is a top-notch app for tweaking audio quality on all supported iOS devices. It has a great variety of presets and settings. However, what truly makes it stand out from the competition is the sound amplification setting. Users can tweak the settings up to +29dB, which reveals low-frequency sounds, boosting the dynamic bass.

It has an easy-to-use, modern interface, and if you listen to vocal music, you’ll be greeted with lyrics being displayed in real-time. The app is free, but for a small fee, you get more professional presets and can get more creative with tweaking.

Equalizer + Volume Booster player&sound effects eq

Price: Free

Equalizer+ is a great app for beginners and audiophiles who enjoy state-of-art audio quality, dynamic and detailed bass, and stellar treble. This is a great app for those who want to experiment and learn more about the audio tweaking. It also has a sound-adjusting feature that is automatized. There are 23 built-in effects and presets, which are great and easy to use.

Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App

Price: Free

Similarly to Equalizer+, this app will allow you to change audio settings in favor of your audiophile taste easily. It’s one of the best iOS equalizer apps you can find for free as you can choose genres customized for each genre, various bass-improving settings, playlist management, and many other features. There is also a 5-band equalizer controller, which is great for making your audio experience more personal.


Price: $3.99

For more seasoned audiophiles willing to invest in better audio features, an equalizer is the right choice for you. You can import and export various presets and use them to customize audio features to your favorite songs. Additionally, it has a modern and straightforward user-interface that will easily make anyone fall in love with it. There are a lot of useful features worth checking out like genre-focused presets, playlist customization, and others.

EQu – the quality equalizer

Price: $2.99

Similarly to Equalizer, EQu has an incredible user-interface and a lot of interesting features all music freaks will look forward to. You can adjust the presets in regards to your mood, genre you’re listening to, your headphone type, and much more. Other features include bypass mode, an expanded navigation panel, and the option to save the preset you create. Keep in mind, however, that EQu doesn’t offer support DRM-protected music.

Denon Audio

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

This app is free to download with numerous features available, but please note that if you want the equalizer feature, you’ll need to get it through an in-app purchase of $1.99. It will enhance the audio experience of your iOS device and enable you to browse your iPod library, create and save playlists, or listen to more than 70,000 Internet radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs with the TuneIn service.

The graphical equalizer allows you to contour sound using over 1000 discrete bands of equalization, with no reduction in sound quality and with no spatial distortion, so you can pump up the volume as easily as you like. There is also 10 built-in EQ presets, a bypass mode, a linear phase design, and further features. Do note that if you want to stream Internet radio, you’ll need a Wi-Fi or data connection, and the app does not include support for DRM-protected iTunes music. An upcoming update is slated to include iTunes Match support.

EQ Player

Price: Free

This app makes a nice change as it’s not only free to download but is also totally free to use, with no in-app purchases to worry about. It has a really appealing interface and is easy to operate, with none of the complicated settings of similar apps. With this one, you simply touch the EQ sliders to get the results you want, and features include 16-band equalizer, 3D reverb effect, frequency adjustment, unlimited preset management, unlimited playlist management, swipe gestures, fine volume control, timer support and a bunch more.

TunesFlow – Music Player with Equalizer

Price: $4.99

This app is basically a music player that also comes with a lot of EQ settings. It consists of a 10-bands equalizer and boasts plenty of presets for you to try out. You can apply them and create new settings for your music playlists, songs, album, and genres. It’s great for music lovers who love dynamic bass and have a great user-interface suitable for those who want to learn to customize the music. Additionally, it also comes with a set of free stickers you can use in iMessage.

Final Thoughts

It’s good to know that with the use of an equalizer app you can really get the most out of the sound of your iPhone or iPad, and the apps above have various features and performance values. If you listen to a lot of music, it’s well worth using one to help you attain what you feel is the perfect sound. Although this is our selection of the best iOS equalizer apps, we’re well aware that there will be others that you might feel should have made it to our list. Therefore, if you want to mention another that you use and tell us why you like it, feel free to comment.

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