The best free football games for iPhone and iPad



A list of best free football games for iPhone and iPad to feel the Football World Cup 2014, Brazil on the screen of your iOS devices.

Are you a crazy fan of football/soccer and would like to play on your iOS device anywhere and anytime you felt like it? In the App Store you can find a large number of very different themed games, and football could not stay away. You can find many football games to play on your iPhone and iPad devices for FREE. Grab your iOS device and ready to play football, here we show you the best free football games for your iPhone or iPad. Put the ball in play and lets lift the Champions Cup.


FIFA 14 for iPhone, iPad Without any doubt, FIFA 14 is the most popular football game in the world. The title has been updated with a new game mode that lets you play the Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014 (officially licensed of course). FIFA 14 features incredible graphics and one of the best user experiences. The game features 33 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, 16000 players, online multiplayer game mode and a new, intuitive touch controls. Among the game modes offering is the Ultimate Team, through which you can start your own team, face real players and manage their purchases and sales. You can also compete in the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga or the Liga Portuguesa, among others.

Score! Goals World
Score! Goals World is one of the most original and addictive football games available for iPhone. With Score! World Goals you can recreate your favorite football goals, enjoy hours of fun, thanks to the more than 900 goals you have to emulate in over 500 animations that guarantee unparalleled levels of authenticity. Despite its seemingly simple proposal and easy playability, the game is surprisingly addictive. To achieve your goal, make the pass that gave Cesc Fabregas; and cross the shot just as he did before Stekelenburg.

First Touch Soccer World Edition

First Touch Soccer World Edition With stunning new graphics, plus great features including a new “Manager” mode, First Touch Soccer 2014 is mandatory for any football fan! Manage more than 180 teams in 30 individual competitions with Manager Mode that lets you prove yourself both on and off the field. In addition, the game features an intuitive touch control mode designed from scratch, which enables you through touch screen and sliding handle everything perfectly.

Top Eleven – Be a soccer manager

Top Eleven - Be a soccer manager game for iPhone Top Eleven is a pure football manager: this is not about playing games, but to be able to create a winning team. And not only have to exercise trainer: also sports director for deciding the transfer, to manage President econ the team and decide the improvements in sports facilities … Through training can improve the conditions of our players, we also have to make decisions such as tactics. For fans of Football Manager, this is a good alternative

Real Football 2013

Real Football 2013 for iOS Take control of your team on the field. Begin a surprise team and you have to improve the skills of the players to reach the highest league and compete against the best teams in the world championship. You can play leagues, cups or be the manager of your team. The game features realistic and spectacular graphics, simple controls, real chips players and great gameplay. Join the most immersive soccer simulation and prove you’re the best on the field.

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer In Dream League Soccer you can create the best team on the planet. Listing new players, reform the stadium and take on the world in multiplayer online way to glory on the way to football Olympus.

Be A Legend 2

Be A Legend 2 If you dream of being a professional footballer and becoming a champions of Europe and the world, this is the game that lets you fulfill your dream through your own playing career. In this game you have to choose one of the major European leagues to start your race to become a legend: improve your skills, develop your personal life, make important decisions when signing for other teams… All this and more is possible with Be A Legend 2.

These are the best free football games for iPhone and iPad. Tell us your experience with them.
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