10 Best iOS Free offline games for iPhone/iPad

Grab the best free offline games for iPhone or iPad devices that you can play without an active Internet connection.

best iOS free offline games for iphone free

The number of iOS game titles that require an active data connection are increasing day by day. Why? Because most of the times these games, mainly available for free, offer the chances to buy gems, upgrades, etc. which needs an Internet connection. Also, games with multiplayer feature need to connect to a network and internet. However, there are still many great free offline games for iPhone and iPad that can be played without an internet connection. These games are very enjoyable at those time when you are out of a network, or simply do not want to enable your data package.

Here we show you the best free offline games for iPhone & iPad with unbridled fun and no data charge.

Plants vs Zombies 2


Plants vs Zombies 2 is one of the best offline games for iPhone and iPad, with addictive gameplay, fun graphics and increasingly difficult to stay occupied for hours. This a Tower Defense game with the objective to defend against zombies.

Angry Birds 2


The original angry birds was the king of offline games, Angry Birds 2 is the new version for you to continue enjoying your favorite game with many new features. We recommend Angry Birds 2, the newest of Rovio in this saga that can be enjoyed in offline mode perfectly.


Asphalt 8: Airborne


This is probably one of the best car racing game available for mobile devices. You can choose from numerous vehicles to run in stunningly beautiful locations, and may perform various maneuvers on ramps available along the track. With an almost perfect graphics and intuitive gameplay, this is one of the best options for speed lovers.

Shadow Fight 2


If you are one of those who enjoy more action and combat genere, Shadow Fight 2 is for you. Step into the shoes of a shadow ninja who fights evil with martial arts, magic and variety of weapons. This game has a very nice comic style design with movements very accomplished.

Crossy Roads


Crossy Roads is a marvel of simplicity and fun. Play as one of the many characters available and try to get them through rivers and roads full of deadly obstacles. This is a perfect game to spend quality time without the need of an internet connection.



2048 is an extremely simple game to learn, but very difficult to master. Everyone probably already knows this title or one of its many clones. The goal here is to join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile. Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

Temple Run 2


This is a typical game of infinite race, but with an interesting theme and great graphics. You must guide your character through a forest full of obstacles while trying to flee a legion of angry monkeys. Because of its extremely simple gameplay, the game is quite addictive, ensuring many hours of entertainment.

Flow Free


Flow Free is one of the most interesting puzzle games ever made. This is a very addictive game where you have to connect two dots of the same color in a grid of squares. You will not believe how hard it gets over time.

Surely, we missed many other popular titles, but we can not put them all. These are just some of what we consider the best games that allow you to play without obstacles or problems when WiFi is not available, or you are avoiding to use your cellular data.

Now, we want to hear from you. Use the comment form below to share your favorite best offline games for iPhone and other iOS devices. Find more on best smartphone apps for your iOS device at our Top iOS Applications section. Thank you for reading.

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