Top 3 Free Iphone Keyboard Alternative Apps

Enhance your typing experience on iPhone with these Top 3 Free Iphone Keyboard Alternative Apps.

The default iPhone keyboard is absolutely fantastic for typing but if you are getting tired of the same old look and want some extra features then checkout the Free Iphone Keyboard Alternative Apps described below.

Free Iphone Keyboard Alternative Apps

While these free alternatives may not the actual replacement of the default apple keyboard or you may not expect a lot from free apps, these Iphone Keyboard apps does shine in some areas and comes with their own features. Let’s download Top 3 Free Iphone Keyboard Alternative Apps.

Fleksy – Happy Typing

Fleksy is one the best alternative keyboard apps for iPhone that will revolutionize the way you write on a touch screen with virtual keyboard. The app lets you install a virtual keyboard on your iPhone or iPad and can write with it without the need to be watching the screen. Most interesting features of the app: No need to hit the virtual keys to operate, you can type from anywhere on the screen, access the words suggested by gestures plus you can dictate the words as you type to avoid to pay attention to the screen. Fleksy allows users to control all aspects of the keyboard, such as punctuation, capitalization, or even delete and add a space just make a gesture on the screen, which does not require precision. Download Fleksy – Happy Typing

TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard is Multi-language supported keyboard app for iPhone that lets you write with amazing speed and incorporates typical features of existing advanced keyboards as predictive text, writing without lifting a finger to Swype or Swiftkey Flow style. Instead of pressing keys individually, you only need to slide your finger over the letters that make up the word you want. With the help of a dictionary, the keyboard learns the term that you want and also shows a list of similar options at the top of the display. It offers direct access to script emoji and the voice recognition and transcription of what you said. Download TouchPal Keyboard

Fast Keyboard

Fast Keyboard is another great alternative keyboard app for your iPhone and iPad devices that gives you a special keyboard layout to type and edit your text easily. It’s a good application for a set of plain text that enables you to type as fast as possible. The main advantage of the app is that its extended keyboard allows a faster way to get to frequently used symbols without switching to other layouts. In addition there are great buttons for easy navigation and editing. These buttons give you the opportunity to choose one character, move the cursor to either side on the characters or words, undo / redo actions, as well as full-text search. The app also features Dropbox synchronization, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr integration, Word counting. Surely you will like the app if you want to replace the standard keyboard of your iOS devices. Download Fast Keyboard

Share your thoughts on these free iPhone keyboard apps and let us know which one you’d like most.

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