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If you use your iOS device in the workplace, you are certainly looking for solutions to take notes in the office or traveling. In this article, we present a selection of the best apps for taking notes on iPhone and iPad.

Only those who live in the past write notes with pen and paper! With a smartphone you can take notes in a very fast and simple way through writing, using voice or even taking a picture.
Best Apps For Taking Notes Each device has already built a tool for taking notes, but if you use an iPhone or an iPad there are some essential applications that allow you to mark notes or things to remember and hold each precisely synchronized so that you can find on all your devices: mobile phone, tablet or computer.
In this article we have made a list of the best app for taking notes on iPhone and iPad, to organize things to remember, to have reminders of appointments or events.

Best note taking app for iPhone and iPad.


Evernote is really a useful app to write notes. Evernote lets you add notes and organize using tags or categories. Notes can be text, images, voice, handwriting, screenshots or scans of paper. All the notes are synchronized safely to your account and therefore accessible at any time via web, desktop and mobile devices. You can also share notes with anyone via email or via Facebook.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote app is more than an application for taking notes. It is full of functionality, which includes many of the tools of Word. Onenote integrates with OneDrive so all that is saved on your smartphone, becomes visible to other devices. Notes can be text, photos, scanned documents (with OCR) and web pages.

As you know, Any.Do is one of the best apps to use as a reminder, but can also be used to take notes and write down things to remember. You can then set an alarm in the form of notification or sound so you’ll never forget an appointment or event. You can even take notes by talking out loud.


This is certainly the most simple and intuitive app to take notes. It syncs across multiple devices and operating systems in an instant.


The app Paper works like any notebook or ordinary notepad, but also becomes a complete drawing tool with which you can create all kinds of artistic works on your iPads screen. Only available for iPad.


Penultimate gives you the natural experience of writing on paper with the power and availability of Evernote technology. You can take notes, preserved drawings or share your next discovery on your iPad in the office when you’re traveling or from the comfort of your home. Only available for iPad.

These are the best app, in our opinion, to take notes on the fly. Remember, you can find other useful guides in the TOP IPHONE APPS section. Thanks!

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  1. I would suggest “Fast Key Board” app as well. It syncs with Evernote and has the best keyboard of any I have found with a multitude of symbols integrated.


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